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Storage Activity/Residential Dumpster Permit in Right-of-Way
(See Attached Terms and Conditions)
Storage activities may only occur in the Right-of-Way for a Neighborhood Project or when the applicant for a Permit makes
sufficient showing that the Dumpster or Portable Storage Unit cannot safely and lawfully be stored on private property.
The decision to issue a Permit for Storage Activities shall be in the sole discretion of the Designated Representative.
Permit Holder Name: ___________________________
Address: _____________________________
Phone: _______________________ Email: _______________________________________________
Please complete ONE of the following:
Reason for storage in the Right-of-Way: __________________________________________
Incorporated Residential Homeowner Association, Civic Association or Community Association:
General Improvement District: ___________________________________________________
Group of five or more residents of a subdivision:
Address #1 ____________________________ Signature #1 ___________________
Address #2 ____________________________ Signature #2 ____________________
Address #3 ____________________________ Signature #3 ____________________
Address #4 ____________________________ Signature #4 ____________________
Address #5 ____________________________ Signature #5 ____________________
Please provide a map with the detailed information for placement in the Right-of-Way. Refer to the Right-of-Way
Regulations Section 4.4 for placement requirements.
Requested duration of placement in the Right-of-Way: _______days Related Building Permit #: _________________
FEE (in the form of credit or check payable to the City of Centennial)
Residential Dumpster Permit: $50/month
Shall be in effect for seven (7) calendar days from the date of issuance for a Neighborhood Project or when the
Dumpster is being used in connection with work for which a City-issued building permit is not required.
May be in effect for up to 120 calendar days from the date of issuance when the Dumpster is directly associated
with an activity being conducted pursuant to a valid City of Centennial Building Permit.
Storage Activity-$25/activity
Shall be in effect for seven (7) calendar days.
I certify I have read the attached Terms and Conditions information and agree not to take delivery until this permit is
issued. I certify that I have authority to request and sign for this permit as, or on behalf of, the neighborhood group,
association or improvement district. I agree to comply with the laws of the State of Colorado and the Municipal Code of
the City of Centennial and acknowledge that any violation of the law will cause immediate revocation of the dumpster
Permit Holder (Print Name): ______________________________________ Date: _________________
Signature: _____________________________________________________
1. Regulations:
Residential Dumpster Permits are issued and enforced in accordance with the City of
Centennial Municipal Code, Article 5, Section 7-5-10 through Section 7-5-90.
2. Placement of Dumpsters:
a. Dumpsters are only allowed to be placed where vehicular parking is permitted
b. Dumpsters must be placed within 18 inches of the curb or edge of shoulder.
c. Do not block, impair or interfere with the use of sidewalks or pedestrian ways.
d. Do not block, impair or interfere with motorist visibility at any intersection.
3. Removal of Dumpsters:
a. No dumpster shall remain for more than seven (7) consecutive days after it is
placed. No extensions shall be permitted.
b. Dumpsters shall be removed within 24 hours after they are filled to capacity.
4. Maintenance:
a. Maintain at all times two (2) or more pylons, traffic cones or other type of markers at
the dumpster corners to alert approaching motorists.
b. Prohibit the placement of and promptly remove junk, trash, or materials outside or
adjacent to the dumpster.
5. Post Permit:
Securely and prominently affix a copy of the permit on each end of the dumpster.
6. Damage to the Street:
Notify the City in writing of any damage to the public right-of-way to include curb, gutter,
sidewalk and street pavement that is caused by placement or removal of the dumpster.