Controller Office Use Only
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Rule Code: JE16
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1. For Expense and Revenue Transfers email the completed form and invoice backup to JE Transfers <>
All information must be adequately answered for processing. An incomplete form will result in the delay and/or return of your request.
2. DO NOT use this form for Budget or Grant Transfers
a. For Budget Transfers, please email your request to
b. For Grant Transfers, please access the Cost Transfer Form from the OSRP and email
Fund(6) Org(6) Account(6) Program(2)
(if applicable )
(if applicable)
Original Banner Description
(30 Characters Maximum)
Orignal Document #
(Attach Copy or
Invoice or Pcard
Fund(6) Org(6) Account(6) Program(2)
(if applicable )
(if applicable )
Total: Total:
I/We certify that the transfer is correct and the supplies/services being transferred are allowable, allocable, necessary and benefit the applicable receiving fund.
JUSTIFICATION FOR TRANSFERS 1. Why is the transaction(s) being requested?
2. What corrective action has been taken to eliminate the future need for transfers of this type?
Approval for charge: Prepared by:
(CC BUM on email request)
Date Date
Form Revised: 7/29/19
Dean, Chair, BUM
(FOPAL where Expense or Revenue was originally charged)
** This form is used to transfer actual expenses from one fopal to another OR to correct coding errors that cannot be corrected through the Accounts Payable/Procurement process.
This form is for Actual Expenses only and cannot be used for asset or liability GL accounts.
Examples for this form include transfers, such as, a reimbursement for supplies purchased for one dept by another dept.
Other examples would include a transfer for attending an on campus event, or a coding error made by a transaction such as bookstore, journal entry or cash receipt.
If you are unsure if this is the correct form for the transactions you are attempting to make, please contact JE Transfers <>.
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Procedures for Preparing Journal Entry (Transfer) Form
The Banner Finance Journal Entry (Transfer) Form is used to record routine journal entries, make corrections, and transfer
This form only requires approval by the department that will receive the charge.
-Journal Transfer Request Form and related Invoices must be completed and emailed to JE Transfers
-The justification section of the form must be completed
-The form must be signed by BUMS of the FOPAL receiving the charge.
-A copy of the Banner screen or the month-end Banner Finance report should be attached to the form when expenditures are
being transferred to another fund to document that the charges were originally posted to the fund.
-If the journal entry is being used to create a charge/recovery between departments and there is no Banner documentation, an
email with a verbal agreement between both departments or an invoice is needed.
Wage/Salary Transfers
-Journal entries are NOT used to process wage or salary transfers.
-These transactions must be processed by Budget through the Labor Redistribution system.
Sponsored Project Cost Overrun - DO NOT USE THIS FORM FOR GRANTS.
-Access the Cost Transfer Form from OSRP
Email Completed Form to the Controller's Office, JE Transfers <>
C:\Users\reganl\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Outlook\IEOHRKYW\Stockton University
JE Transfer Request Form.xlsx
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a JE transfer?
An item that is first charged to one account and later charged to another account.
Why are JE transfers a matter of concern?
Avoid the need for JE transfers when possible
When is a JE transfer needed?
JE transfers are needed when:
Costs have been charged to the wrong account.
To correctly capture expenses in the right fopal or to be allocated to applicable departments.
Who performs JE transfers?
Make transfers in a timely manner
Avoid potential problems with a JE transfer
Sufficient dollars are available in the budget to which the cost is being transferred;
All information is provided including a copy of the document:
o Date of original transaction
o Reference numbers are provided (PO number, invoice number…)
o Description of transaction
If you have any questions or comments, please contact JE Transfers <>
Review banner at least monthly for activity and budget.
Costs need to be captured in the right fopal regardless of budget. If you are in an NSF position (ie. do not have enough
budget), then you need to speak to your Dean, Chair, or BUM to request a budget transfer from the
Budget Department <>
JE transfer requests will not be accepted if they are incomplete or insufficiently supported. Prevent unnecessary problems by being certain
JE transfers are approved by departmental supervisors and Fiscal Affairs. Transfers are entered into the financial records of Banner by the
Fiscal Affairs Office.
Make JE transfers promptly.
Expenses must be allowable, allocable and reasonable.
JE transfers should never be made when one department would like to "support" another department's activity.
This transaction requires a budget transfer, please contact the Budget Department <>
Stockton University
Journal Entry Transfers FAQs
Transfers that are frequent, tardy or inadequately explained particularly on cost over-runs or unexpended balances, raise questions about the
propriety of the transfers and reliability of the accounting system and internal controls. They are red flags to auditors. For the validity of the
University's financials, all costs need to be properly captured.
Make sure you have the correct fopal on pcards, requisitons, direct pays, etc. from the start.
Monitor costs regularly.