Stevens Alumni House Facility Request Form
To reserve a guest room or meeng space in the Stevens Alumni House, you must complete this form in its enrety.
Outside Event (not sponsored by USAO)
University-related event
Guest Room Reservaon
University Account Name ________________________________________________ Account # ______________________
Today’s date _______________________________ Date(s) facility/room needed __________________________________
If meeng space is being requested , please provide the following informaon:
Sponsoring Organizaon _______________________________________________________________________
Name of Event _______________________________________________________________________________
Number of esmated aendees ______________Time meeng begins: _____________ Ends: ______________
Time meeng room should be opened for set-up ___________ Will food be served: _______Yes * ________No
Please list any special needs or requirements: _____________________________________________________
Will the pao be ulized? _____ Yes ______No. If seang is required on the pao, please indicate the number
of chairs _________ and/or tables __________ needed.
If guest room reservaons are being requested, please provide the following informaon:
Guest(s) Name Address Phone Number
Rooms are available on a rst-come basis. Please circle Guest Room(s) requested: Mo Anderson Room, one king
bed (limited to two guests); 1960’s Room, two queen beds (limited to four guests); Fabulous 50’s Room , two
single beds & one queen bed (limited to four guests); Opel Thorpe Room , one queen bed (limited to two guests)
Esmated Arrival Time: __________________________Esmated Departure Time: ______________________
Please list any special needs or requirements: ______________________________________________________
Contact Informaon
Booking Rep (person lling out this form) ______________________________________
Address __________________________________ Phone _________________________
Email ___________________________________________________________________
Payee ___________________________________________________________________
Address __________________________________ Phone _________________________
Email ___________________________________________________________________
Approved : _____Yes _____No
Signature :_________________
_____ Payment Received
_____Payment Billed to Account
_____Security Noed
_____Custodial Noed
Food service arrangements may be made by contacng Campus Dining Services at 405-224-6050.
Room fees and rules for use of the Stevens Alumni House facility are listed on the reverse side of this form.
Please circle
University aliaon
Student Family
Special Guest
Board Member
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Who May Use the Downstairs Meeng Rooms
Use of the downstairs meeng rooms are available for use at no cost only to groups aliated with the University.
The space may be reserved for use by organized civic or community groups through special arrangement and payment of fees. The space may also be reserved
for events such as anniversary or wedding recepons or other special funcons by OCW/OCLA/USAO Alumni or individuals aliated with the University with pay-
ment of fees.
To Reserve the Stevens Alumni House Meeng Space
Please complete and submit this form to the USAO Office of Development, located in USAO Troutt Hall First Floor during business hours (8 a.m.— 5 p.m.,
Monday-Friday). You may also email the completed facility request form to For questions or additional information, you may call
405-274-9135 during business hours.
Meeng space is limited to the downstairs area only. Please keep in mind that Alumni sta maintains an oce in the downstairs area during regular business
hours. All rules and regulaons as noted below apply to use of the meeng space. Fees for use of the meeng space are noted below:
$10 per hour—2 hour minimum
$30 for one half day—four hours
$50 for full day—eight hours
Who May Use the Guest Rooms
The Stevens Alumni House guest rooms are available to the University community, including alumni, faculty, sta, rerees, students and their families, and guests
of the University. Sta does not have the authority to waive fees, so please do not ask. Payment is due at check-out.
Intra-University Use - $25 per night per room
OCW/OCLA/USAO Alumni - $40 per night per room
All Other Guests - $50 per night per room
General Rules and Regulaons
We wish to make the use of the Alumni House as simple and friendly as possible; however certain rules do apply:
1. No outside catering is permitted except for wedding cake. All catering must be contracted through Campus Dining Services, 405-224-6050.
2. USAO is tobacco free, as are all state agencies. This means ALL tobacco in any form is prohibited, including e-cigarettes.
3. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on University property except for alcohol catered through Campus Dining Services, which is licensed
through the state. Alcohol must be consumed in the space where it is served.
4. Posting decorations with tape, nails or thumb tacks to walls, doors, draperies, blinds or other surfaces is prohibited. If disregarded, you may
find damage fees accessed.
5. The following items are prohibited in all facilities: lighted candles, fabric with glitter, ice sculptures, rice, bird seed, live rose petals, glitter (in
any form), confetti, smoke/fog machines and duct tape.
6. NO firearms or weapons will be allowed on University property.
7. The University will not be responsible for any personal equipment, clothing, and/or other items left behind. Found items, however, will be
retained at the Alumni House for a period not to exceed six weeks.
8. You must be at least 21 years old to check into overnight rooms, unless approved by the University President or a Vice President .
9. In order to maintain the integrity of the furnishings in the Stevens Alumni House, overnight guests should be at least 12 years of age or older,
unless ap-proved by the University President or a Vice President.
10. There will be a one year advance booking limit on overnight accommodations.
11. The Stevens Alumni House will not be available for use on official University breaks and holidays unless special staffing needs can be
arranged through the University.