Steps to Complete
Employee Annual Performance Review
The supervisor will receive a notice on the fifteenth of the month prior to the “employee’s hire month”. It is
expected that the supervisor will complete and post the employee’s review to the H-Drive no later than the
fifteenth of the employee’s hire month.
Upon receipt of electronic notification:
1. Supervisor completes the Annual Performance Review Form assigning an overall performance rating
of “Meets” or Needs Improvement”. Supervisor submits Performance Review(s) to their respective
Reviewing Official and HR via H-Drive Folder (save to documents file, then save from documents to
H-drive folder).
2. HR will calculate Results of Review and post to H-Drive for reviewing official to review and
approve. Modifications as required by the reviewing official should be made at that time
otherwise performance is approved as is.
3. Supervisor will communicate the outcome of the performance review to the employee.
Supervisor will print and require signature from the employee and provide a copy of the
Performance Review and Results of Review to the employee.
4. Supervisor returns original (hard copy) Performance Review and Results of Review to HR
with signatures which indicate communication to employee.
Employee Annual Performance Review
Administrative and Support Staff
Section I
Each job at OBU exists for a specific purpose and that purpose dictates specific and essential functions
also known as “Primary Responsibilities”. Primary Responsibilities typically do not change from year
to year. The core job responsibilities as noted in the Job Description have “standards of performance” to
be identified and measured by the supervisor. All employee performance is measured and compared to
those standards which when met lead the employee to a successful outcome. The standards of
performance FOR ALL JOBS are:
A. Demonstrated Job Knowledge – Consider how well the employee demonstrates their job
knowledge plus their use of equipment required to deliver product compared to training received
to date either formal or through in-service education.
B. Individual Performance related Measures defined as follows:
Quantity of Work – Consider how many, rate, volume, frequency, ratio and amount of work
required by the job description.
Quality of Work – Consider consistency in how well, level of accuracy, and degree of
completeness of work delivered.
Dependability – Consider the amount of time or level of supervision required. Consider
attendance and punctuality.
Communication – Consider the effectiveness in use of the English language as well as
communication techniques used with co-workers, supervisors, or other customers internal or
external to OBU. Consider employee’s ability to listen to their customer, understand, utilize and
transfer information both written and oral. Consider the employees practice in confidentiality
according to the HIPPA regulations and OBU policies, procedures and practices.
C. Enforcement of Safe Work Practices and Adherence to Policy, Procedures and Practices:
Safe Work Practices – Consider how well the employee follows and employs the use of safe
practices established by OSHA, OBU and department specific practices in which the employees
Policy, Procedures, and Practices – Consider how well or to what level the employee adheres
to and supports OBU and departmental policy, procedures and practices as well as the employee
Supervisors are asked to rate Section I bearing all of the above in mind.
Section II
Supervisors are to rate each employee’s behavior relative to each behavioral expectations.
A. Demonstrates Mutual Respect, Care and Concern for Others: Does the employee
demonstrate respect toward those they work with or are in contact with daily? Does the
employee demonstrate care, concern, about the co-workers/customers, at OBU and passion for
the work?
B. Positive Influence on Others: Does the employee have a positive influence on you and others
as they perform their work? Does the employee “cause” or add to the positive experience for co-
workers or customers?
C. Takes Initiative to Assist Others: Does the employee look for and take initiative to meet needs
of others?
D. Demonstrates Care, Concern for Facilities: Does the employee demonstrate care and concern
for OBU facilities, and grounds?
E. Meets Commitment: Does the employee meet all commitments regarding timelines (dates),
follow-up to all processes, budget?
F. Takes Action to Add Value and/or Reduce Wastes (Lean Principles): Does the employee
take action that indicates their concern for adding value or reducing wasted materials, supplies,
or saving money for OBU?
G. Active Member of Local Evangelical Church: Is the employee attending their church,
participating in Bible Study, practicing their faith on a regular basis? (Ask for verbal response
and indicate answer accordingly.)
Supervisors are asked to rate Section II bearing all of the above in mind.
The Performance Review has two sections as follows:
Section II - MISSION FOCUS 50%
Total Performance 100% = Overall Performance Rating used
as guide to Performance Pay Matrix.
Annual Performance Review and Development Program
Employee Name:
Job Title:
Use this form to annually document that the following performance review topics have been discussed.
Discuss the employee’s performance on primary responsibilities and priorities in the past year.
Discuss the staff member’s strengths and areas for growth.
Discuss possible areas for improvement.
Discuss barriers to effective work performance and job satisfaction.
Discuss the employee’s development over the past year as well as future goals, including long-term career goals and
development needs in order to achieve them.
Discuss the employee's feedback and constructive suggestions for the supervisor.
Discuss anything else the employee or supervisor would like to address.
SECTION I. RATING: Expectations:
Needs Improvement**
Employee Name:
(check one for each)
1. Mutual Respect, Care, Concern for Others
2. Positive Influence on Others
3. Takes Initiative to Serve Others
4. Demonstrates Care, Concern for
5. Meets Commitments
6. Takes Action to Add Value and Reduce Wastes
at Work/Facilities
7. Active member of local evangelical church
Almost Always
Not Often Enough
Name of
Additional Comments:
, , Meets,All,Standards*, Needs,Improvement,Plan**, !
* Eligible for performance award based on overall performance if funds are available.
** Performance Improvement Plan required.
The Performance Review Topics for Discussion have been discussed by:
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Signature Reviewing Official Date
Signature Employee OBU ID Date
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