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Step 1
First name
It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all relevant documents are
on file with the Admissions
and Records office
to the request for certification. For example, if any transcripts are missing, a partial IGETC
certification will be sent to the university
or your request may be denied
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Please note: certifications may take up to 10 business days or more
during peak times once all required materials have been received and
any required courses' final grades have been posted.
Rev. 3/30/2021
General Education Certification Request
Step 3
Enter the university's name.
Note: GE certifications will be sent to only one (1) university per student.
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Step 5 (see comment below*)
Step 6
Sign, save, and submit.
Please submit to evaluationsda@deanza.edu
Send now.
Send after my final grades for this
quarter are posted.*
a) Proficiency met with a De Anza College or other college-level course.
b) Proficiency met with high school coursework as indicated by an "IGEX D006." code on my DegreeWorks report.
c) I am including my high school transcript and Student ID# with this request for review. Foreign high school students
may also attach their graduation diplomas or middle school transcripts if translated into English.
d) I have not met this proficiency (you may follow up after transferring with your university advisor).
Student ID#
CSU GE Breadth
Step 4 (IGETC for UC only)
Check one GE pattern.
Last name
Step 2
Tip: You may need to download then open this form with different viewer software (e.g. Adobe) before completing and saving it.
*Note: the UC and CSU campuses allow De Anza College, a quarter system
school, to submit GE certifications after the announced July 1st deadline set for
semester system schools. If you have any questions or concerns, please
contact your university's admissions office.
IGETC for UC AREA 6 Language Other Than English Proficiency requirement
First review your DegreeWorks or unofficial transcript. A counselor can assist you. www.deanza.edu/counseling/
Then check one of the following.
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