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Status Change Request Form
MSU Denver Dual/Concurrent Enrollment Students Graduating High School
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Name: _________________________________________________________________________________________
Birthdate: ______________________________ Student ID: _______________________________________
Email: ________________________________ Phone #: _________________________________________
I affirm that I have read, understand, and agree to this form in its entirety and that the information supplied is true and complete.
Student Signature: _______________________________________________ Date: __________________
Instructions: Answer all five questions to change student status from concurrent/dual enrollment to first-time college student at MSU Denver.
1. After you graduate high school when will you start at MSU Denver? Entry Semester: Spring Summer Fall
Entry Year: 20_____
2. What is your unweighted cumulative (overall) high school GPA on a 4.0 scale? GPA: __________
3. Provide your ACT or SAT test score information.
ACT composite score: _______ SAT total score: ________ I have not taken the ACT or SAT test yet.
ACT test date: _____________ SAT test date: _________ Anticipated test date: _____________
4. Tuition Classification
a) Have you attended a Colorado high school for at least 3 years and will graduate? Yes No
b) Will your parent/legal guardian have lived in Colorado for the last 12 consecutive months before you start classes? Yes No
c) Select all items that apply to your parent/legal guardian for at least 12 months before the start of classes.
Employed in Colorado
Filed Colorado state taxes last year
Vehicle registered in Colorado
Colorado ID or Driver License
Registered to vote in Colorado
Owned home/property in Colorado
5. Academic Major: Select only one option. Multiple selections will result in an undeclared major classification.
Exploratory, Undecided (UND)
Early Childhood Education (ECE)
Linguistics (LIN)
Accounting (ACC)
Economics (ECO)
Management (MGT)
Advanced Manufacturing Sci (AMS)
Education Pre-K12, Undeclared (UNED/UNED)
Marketing (MKT)
Africana Studies (AFS)
Electrical Engineering Tech (EET)
Mathematics (MTH - BS)
Anthropology (ANT)
Elementary Education (EDU)
Mechanical Engineering Tech (MET)
Applied Geology (GELA)
English (ENG)
Media Production & Leadership (MPL)
Art Education BFA (ARTE)
Entrepreneurship (ENT)
Meteorology (MTR)
Art (ART - BA)
Environmental Engineering (EVE)
Modern Languages (MDL)
Art History Theory & Criticism (ARTH - BA)
Environmental Science (ENV)
Music Ed, Bachelor of Music Ed (BME)
Athletic Training (ATP)
Event & Meeting Management (EVTM)
Music (MUS)
Aviation & Aerospace Mgt (AAM)
Exercise Science (EXS)
Music Bachelor of Music (MUS - BM)
Aviation and Aerospace Science (ASC)
Extended Journalism & Media Prod. (EJMP)
Nursing, Undeclared (UNN)
Banking (BNK)
Finance (FIN)
Nutrition Science (HNS)
Biochemistry (BCHM)
Fire & Emergency Response Adm (FERA)
Philosophy (PHI)
Biology (BIO - BA)
Gender Women & Sexualities Studies (GWS)
Physical Education (K-12) (PETE)
Biology (BIO - BS)
Geography (GEG)
Physics (PHY - BA)
Brewery Operations (BRWO)
Geospatial Sciences (GSS)
Physics (PHY - BS)
Broadcast Journalism (BJRN)
Global Business Studies (GBS)
Political Science (PSC)
Business Intelligence (BIT)
Health Care Info Systems (HCIS)
Psychology (PSYC)
Chemistry (CHE - BA)
Health Care Management (HCM)
Public Relations (PR)
Chemistry (CHE - BS)
Health Care Professional Services (HCPS)
Social Work, Undeclared (UNSW/CPS)
Chicano Studies (CHS)
History (HIS)
Sociology (SOC)
Civil Engineering Technology (CET)
Hospitality Leadership (HLDR)
Sound and Vision (SV)
Communication Design BFA (CDES)
Hotel Management (HTL)
Special Education (SPED)
Communication Studies (COMS)
Human Development, Family Studies (HDFS)
Speech Language Hearing Science (SLHS)
Computer Engineering (CPE)
Human Nutrition - Dietetics (HND)
Sport Management (SM)
Computer Information Systems (CIN)
Human Services (HSP)
Statistical Science (STA)
Computer Science (CS)
Industrial Design (IND - BS)
Sustainable Systems Engineering (SSE)
Construction Project Mgmt. (CPM)
Integrative Healthcare (IHC)
Technical Writing & Editing (TWE)
Criminal Justice & Criminology (CJC)
International Business (IBM)
Theatre (THE - BA)
Cybersecurity (CYB)
Journalism (JRN/TCM)
Theatre, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Undeclared (UNTH)
Dance (DANC)
Lifestyle Medicine (LSM)
Video Production (VP)
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