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1. Name of Limited Liability Company:
2. Principal office address:
Address City State Zip
3. Limitation on liabilities of the series
The company has has not established a series at this time.
4. The name of the Registered Agent (Individual or Business Entity or Commercial Registered Agent):
The address must be listed if you have a non-commercial registered agent. See instructions for further details.
Address of the Registered Agent: _____________________________________________________________
Utah Street Address Required, PO Boxes can be listed after the Street Address
City: State UT Zip::
5. Name and signature of Organizer (attach additional pages if needed)
Name: Signature:
6. Name and Address of
Members and/or
Managers (optional):
1. ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________
Name Position
Address City State Zip
2. ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________
Name Position
Address City State Zip
7. Duration (optional);
The duration of the company shall be perpetual
The duration of the company shall be ___________________________________
8. Purpose (optional):
Under GRAMA {63-2-201}, all registration information maintained by the Division is classified as public record. For confidentiality
purposes, you may use the business entity physical address rather than the residential or private address of any individual affiliated with the
Optional Inclusion of Ownership Information: This information is not required.
Is this a female owned business? Yes No
Is this a minority owned business? Yes No If yes, please specify:
State of Utah
Department of Commerce
Division of Corporations & Commercial Code
Certificate of Organization (Series Limited Liability Company)
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