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FEES: Salesperson - $130, Broker/Corporate - $170. Make check or money order payable to the “RI General
Treasurer.” Reinstating a license after its expiration date, add a late fee of $100 in addition to the fee.
RI License Number:
Residential Address:
Zip Code:
Since your initial license date or last renewal, whichever is most recent, have you been convicted of or pled nolo contender
to a crime other than a minor traffic violation? Yes No (If ‘Yes, you must submit the Criminal History Report
from the state in which the offense happened.)
Since your initial license date or last renewal, whichever is most recent, have you had any professional license, certificate
or registration either denied, restricted, suspended, or revoked? Yes No (If ‘Yes,’ you must submit any and all
relevant documentation from the state which denied, restricted, suspended, or revoked your license.)
Has the agency affiliation changed since the previous renewal? Yes No (If a Transfer Form to the Department
has been submitted prior to this renewal period, please select NO.)
Agency Name:
Agency Address:
Zip Code:
Phone Number:
Email Address: (Mandatory)
RI License Number:
E & O Expiration Date:
EXEMPTIONS: Any license issued before December 12, 1984, and residents of MA and CT whom have obtained their RI
license via reciprocity, are EXEMPT from the continuing education requirement. Also included in the exemption status are
residents of Florida who received their RI license via the Florida Mutual Recognition Agreement.
All NON-EXEMPT licensees must submit the certificates of completion for the Department-approved 24 hours (nine (9)
of those hours in CORE instruction including three (3) hours of Fair Housing Instruction) of continuing education taken
within the two (2)- year licensing period.
Tax Payer Status
Pursuant to R.I. Gen. Laws, Chapter 5-76, as amended, any person applying for or renewing any license, permit, or other
authority to conduct a business or occupation within Rhode Island must have filed all required state tax returns and paid
all taxes due to the state or must have entered into a written agreement to pay delinquent state taxes that is satisfactory to
the Tax Administrator.
Have you filed all required Rhode Island State tax returns, and have you paid all taxes owed? Yes No N/A
State of Rhode Island
Department of Business Regulation
Division of Commercial Licensing
Real Estate Section
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