Certificate of Character v1.0 Updated 11/2019
I, of
occupation hereby certify that I have
known , an applicant for appointment as a Notary
Public in the State of Connecticut, for the past year(s), and know the applicant to be a
person of good moral character, and that the applicant is, in my opinion, a suitable person to
receive the appointment of Notary Public.
Date Signature
Office of the Secretary of the State
State of Connecticut
P.O. Box 150470, Hartford, CT 06115-0470
Notary Public Unit
The Certificate of Character must be filled out completely and signed by a public official or a
reputable business or professional person who must be unrelated to you and have personally known
you for at least one year. A completed form must be uploaded during the online application process.
You may digitally sign this document, if you do not
wish to print and sign manually.
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