State Of Michigan NOTICE OF ADJOURNMENT Case No.
43rd Judicial Circuit (REFEREE)
Cass County
60296 M-62, Cassopolis, MI 49031 269 445-4436, Option 5
Take notice that on the hearing scheduled for ______________________________
is rescheduled for ______________________________________ at _______, __. m.
for a hearing on the following issues: ________________________________________
This matter has been placed on the calendar for Circuit Court Referee, Carol M. Bealor,
to be heard in Referee Hearing Room Two, (Room #17), Cass County Law and Courts
Building, 60296 M-62, Cassopolis, MI 49031.
Estimated time to complete hearing: _________________________
Report first to Friend of the Court's Office (Room #3). Counsel must be present with their
clients and ready to proceed at that time. Notify the Friend of the Court's Office
IMMEDIATELY of any further proposed adjournment request, or of any settlement.
I certify that on this date I mailed a copy of the above Notice of Hearing to all attorneys of
record, or to each party not represented by legal counsel, on __________________ by
ordinary mail to each attorney's or party's last known address, with proper postage affixed
_________________ __________________________
(To obtain a new hearing date, contact the FOC at 269-445-4436)
If you require special accommodations to use the Court because of
disabilities, contact the Court immediately to make arrangements.