Credit Reference Agencies and Fraud Prevention Agencies
The personal information we have collected from you will be shared with
fraud prevention agencies who will use it to prevent fraud and money-
laundering and to verify your identity. If fraud is detected, you could be
refused certain services, nance or employment.
We will also supply your personal information to credit reference agencies
(CRAs) in order to process your application and they will give us information
about you, such as about your nancial history. We do this to assess
creditworthiness and product suitability, check your identity, manage your
account, trace and recover debts and prevent criminal activity.
We will also continue to exchange information about you with CRAs on an
ongoing basis, including about your settled accounts and any debts not fully
repaid on time. CRAs will share your information with other organisations.
Your data will also be linked to the data of your spouse, any joint applicants
or other nancial associates.
The identities of the CRAs, and the ways in which they use and share
personal information, are explained in more detail at, or
Privacy Notice
Our Summary Privacy Notice contains information on how we, credit
reference agencies and fraud prevention agencies use your personal
data and on your data protection rights. This has been provided to your
mortgage/credit intermediary on your behalf, they should have provided this
to you but if they have not please contact us and we will send you a copy.
In this Standard Declaration the words “You”, “Charter Court Group” and
“We” have the meanings given to them in the Privacy Notice. The meaning
of ‘You’ includes any directors or shareholders of an applicant which is a
Limited company and any guarantors.
In addition the words in bold text have the following meanings :
Applicant” means You and if there is more than one of You, references to
“You” and “Applicant” are to each or any of You individually, as well as to
each and every one or more of You together jointly.
Application” means Your request for a Decision in Principle and/or
Application for the Loan including the Standard Declaration, the Application
Form and any accompanying or supporting documentation that You provide
now or in the future or any information We hold about You and We provide
to You or Your mortgage intermediary in connection with the Application to
conrm its completeness and/or accuracy.
Loan” means any Loan We may provide to You.
Property” means the property or properties which are or are intended to
be security for the Loan.
Important – please read
When You sign this declaration, You certify that the statements and
particulars given below and all the information given in your Application
are true and complete. We will rely on these statements, particulars and
that information when making any Mortgage Oer.
You conrm and agree that:
1) You are aged 18 (or in the case of a second charge loan, 25) or over.
2) For limited companies:
(a) each of the signatories below who is a director is duly
authorised to make this Application on the limited company’s
behalf and has completed or fully read the contents of the
Application, and
(b) You have the power to borrow the money applied for and to
mortgage the Property.
3) The information You give in the Application, whether completed
personally by You or not, is true and accurate in all respects. If any
such information is incorrect, You will make good any loss We may
suer by acting in reliance on that information.
4) Your income is as stated in the Application and is sucient to
support the payments required to sustain the Loan requested.
5) You are aware of the monthly payments for the Loan and that You
can aord these.
6) You will supply any additional information that We may require in
order to proceed with the Application.
7) You have the agreement of any joint Applicant or third party
to disclose and use their information for the purposes of
this Application.
8) You authorise your mortgage/credit intermediary and your rst charge
lender to disclose to Us information about You and this Application
both before and after completion of the Loan.
9) You do not have any other outstanding credit facilities which are not
disclosed with this Application.
10) You have never been adjudged bankrupt or insolvent or been
sequestrated or entered into any arrangements with creditors or had
civil or criminal proceedings of any kind issued against You other
than as specied in this Application. If proceedings have been, or
are being, issued, You will supply full details to Us.
11) You have read and considered the Illustration about the particular
product You have chosen, and/or have been advised to apply for
by your mortgage/credit intermediary or other adviser. We are not
responsible for any advice given or recommendation made by an
intermediary or other adviser about the product You have chosen.
12) You will notify Us promptly of any changes which have, or are likely
to have, an eect on the continuing accuracy of the particulars in
this Application and which may aect Our willingness to provide the
13) The information in this Application and Standard Declaration may
be relied on by Us and any other person or body in whom the benet
of all or any of the Loan, mortgage, or security is from time to time
14) Any solicitor acting for You may disclose to Us any information or
documentation that We ask for about the transaction or the Property
which is the subject of this Application and You waive any duty of
condentiality or privilege which may otherwise exist in relation to
this Loan transaction.
15) From time to time We may mortgage, sell, transfer, assign, charge
or otherwise dispose of, in whole or in part, any Loan, mortgage, or
other related security to any person or organisation (a “Disposal”)
You agree to each such Disposal that We may make and You agree
that We may do this without giving notice to You. You agree that
a Disposal for this purpose typically involves Us transferring all or
some of the rights that We have under the Loan, or the related
security to another person or organisation.
16) If You provide a personal guarantee, You agree to guarantee the
Loan applied for in the terms of our standard Deed of Guarantee.
17) We are entitled to withdraw before completion any Mortgage Oer
should You (or anyone else) falsify any information supplied in this
Application or for any other reason set out in the Mortgage Oer or
our General Mortgage Conditions. If We withdraw an oer, We can
do this immediately and without telling You, but We will notify You
about the withdrawal of Our Mortgage Oer if We reasonably can.
18) It is an oence to knowingly make a false, inaccurate or misleading
declaration when applying for a Loan.
19) If You make a false declaration, You may face criminal prosecution
and/or civil action for recovery of any losses incurred by us.
20) If the Loan is not for your benet, You must take independent legal
advice and will do so if asked to, and before You enter into any Deed
of Guarantee.
21) We may decline to make You a Mortgage Oer.
22) Our Loans are subject to valuation and status.
23) If two or more of You are making this Application, each of You is
individually and jointly responsible for all obligations in relation to the
24) We will require You to conrm your income and We may request this
information from You.
25) We accept no responsibility for any representations made by any
employee, agent or any other person unless these are incorporated
in the Mortgage Oer or are subsequently conrmed by Us in writing.
26) If You agree to guarantee the Loan, You are aware that by giving a
guarantee, You will be held liable to Us instead of, or as well as, the
borrower or customer to the extent of the guaranteed amount. The
extent of the guarantee will include all costs and interest outstanding
on the Loan at any time as well as the loan amount.
27) You agree that if the Property is sold leaving a balance outstanding
on the Loan, You will be liable for the dierence between the sale
price of the Property and the amount outstanding or to the extent of
your guarantee.
28) It is your responsibility to ensure that You have suitable means of
repayment in place to repay the Loan in the event of Your death or at
the end of the term of the Loan.
Standard Declaration
Precise Mortgages is a trading name of Charter Court Financial Services Limited which is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial
Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority (Financial Services Register Firm Reference Number 494549). Registered in England and Wales with company
number 06749498. Registered oce: 2 Charter Court, Broadlands, Wolverhampton WV10 6TD.
00974 (11.1)
We can provide literature in large print, Braille and audio tape. Please ask us for this leaflet in an
alternative format if you need it.
We will obtain a valuation of the Property oered as security for our
purposes. We will obtain a valuation only to enable Us to assess the amount
of the Loan, if any, which We are prepared to make on the Property and
that valuation does not give You any rights against Us or any other person.
We will choose a valuer from Our panel of valuers and will obtain a valuation
report from the valuer for Our purposes. It is Your responsibility to obtain an
independent valuation or advice before You proceed to completion of the
Loan or the purchase of the Property. We give no warranty, representation
or assurance that the statements, conclusions and opinions, expressed or
implied, in any valuation report You obtain are accurate, valid or complete
or that the Property is free from defects or worth at least the amount of the
Loan or that (where relevant) the purchase price is reasonable.
Any valuation and assessment fee payable by You covers Our costs for
assessing the Application and value of the Property. If We accept this
fee, We are not obliged to oer or make a Loan to You.
As a condition of your Loan, You must have adequate buildings insurance
for the Property in place at exchange of contracts or conclusion of missives
(for house purchases) and completion (for remortgages or secured loans )
and ensure that it continues at all times to be insured.
You are not required as a condition of your Loan to have any other
insurance but You might like to consider taking out insurance to cover
other circumstances that might arise, such as death, accident, illness or
unemployment. Your payments will not be protected in the event of death,
accident, sickness, unemployment or other similar circumstance unless
You arrange Your own insurance for this.
Your Loan Payments
By signing this Declaration, You agree that:
1) You will repay the Loan in accordance with the conditions specied
in your Mortgage Oer and General Mortgage Conditions.
2) We may add to your rst monthly payment, interest from the date
of completion of your Loan to the end of that month unless Your
Mortgage Oer states otherwise (not applicable where the Loan is
secured by a second charge).
3) We may take other payments by Direct Debit with Your agreement
which may be given by telephone or in writing.
Keeping you Informed
We may contact you about products or services oered by Charter Court
Financial Services Limited by post, electronic mail, telephone, SMS text
messaging and any other online or interactive media.
If You would not like Us to contact You about other products and
services by the means outlined above You should tick here.
Costs and Fees
The only fees You must pay us for this Application should be set out in
the Illustration that you have received and will be detailed in any Mortgage
Oer we provide to you. The Illustration and oer will state when they are
payable, whether or not they are refundable and whether you have chosen
to add them to the Mortgage.
Any other fees that You pay to any third party are paid not as a condition
of submitting this Application or as a condition of obtaining the Mortgage
Oer (if made).
If you have chosen to add a fee to your mortgage then you can change your
mind and pay them to us upfront -- just let us or your Mortgage Intermediary
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