Short Term Activity Authorization (STAA)
(Entry of Machinery into Water; Debris Removal from Water or Wetland; Bridge Construction; Other)
Activity conducted in ANY water that might cause a violation of the Arkansas Water Quality Standards MUST be authorized by the
ADEQ director. Other activities that may require the director’s authorization are those that are essential to the protection or
promotion of the public interest and that result in no permanent or long-term impairment of beneficial uses of the water, including
(A) wastewater treatment facility maintenance, (B) fish eradication projects, (C) mosquito abatement projects, (D) algae and weed
control projects, (E) dredge and fill projects, (F) construction activities, and (G) activities that result in overall enhancement or
maintenance of beneficial uses.
Any authorization DOES NOT supersede existing state and federal permitting processes or requirements and shall not be granted for
activities that result in the adverse impact on any federally threatened or endangered species or on critical habitat of such species.
(Reference ADEQ Regulation 2.305 Short Term Activity Authorization)
If you are required to obtain a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) 404 Permit, including nationwide permits, or a Bridge Permit,
you will need a STAA. You may need a STAA to remove debris from wetlands. You may need permission from the city or county if
your activity is within an area covered by an active General Stormwater NPDES - Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4)
permit. A fee of $200 per crossing is required for STAA activities.
Applicant Organization: ____________________________________________________________
Name of Contact: _________________________________________________________________
Phone: ________________________ E-Mail: ___________________________________________
Mailing Address ___________________________________________________________________
Location description: ______________________________________________________________
Job County: ________________________How many acres are being disturbed (Total)? ________
(attach maps & if possible) ______________________________________________________________________________________
(provide decimal GPS Coordinates) ___________________________________________________________
Affected water body: ______________________________________________________________
Do you have a Stormwater Construction Permit? Yes No Permit No. ___________________
Problems and Work to be performed:
For Debris Removal
Estimate of the size or volume of the debris to be removed: ________________________________
Method(s) to be used to remove the debris: ____________________________________________
Date work projected to start: _________________ Projected Completion: ___________________
Signature of Applicant: ___________________________________Date: _____________________
Send request to: Attn: Water Quality – Lazendra L. Hairston
Arkansas Dept. of Environmental Quality (ADEQ)
5301 Northshore Dr.
North Little Rock, AR 72118
FAX (501) 682-0910 or e-mail
Phone Inquiries: (501) 682-0946 Revised: February 2016