Ceramics Worker Application Date: ______________________
St. Olaf College
Art Department
Name: _____________________________________________ Class of: ________________
Phone: _______________________Email:_______________ Major(s)__________________
2 On Campus References:
Name: _______________________________________________ Phone: ___________________
Email: ______________________________________ How do you know this person? ____________
Name: _______________________________________________ Phone: ___________________
Email: ______________________________________ How do you know this person? ____________
We give priority to students who have a work award as part of the financial aid package.
Do you currently have a work award on the St. Olaf Student Work Program? Y N
How Many hours will you want to work if hired? _____________________________
Check areas of interest:
Ceramics Studio Worker
Ron Gallas Cup Librarian
If you are interested in working for the Ron Gallas Cup Library, please answer the following 3 questions:
1) Have you checked out a mug/cup from the cup library?
2) Have you ever worked a customer service job?
3) What skills do you possess that make you well suited for the position of Cup Librarian?
Have you worked in the St. Olaf Art department before? Position? Semester(s) or Year(s) of work?
Do you or will you have a second campus job? If so, how many hours at your other position do you work
per week? Do you see any potential conflicts?
The Ceramics Dept. is allowed a limited number of student workers per semester. I cannot guarantee that all
individuals hired will receive work during both semesters under this regulation. If hired would you be okay
working only 1 Semester for the 2019-2020 school year?
Please indicate your first and second choice for work during the 2019-2020 school year.
Sem I Interim Sem II
Will you be taking a ceramics course this year at St. Olaf? Which one? During which semester?
What ceramics courses have you taken at St. Olaf? Any related courses outside of St. Olaf? Other Related
What are your reasons for wanting to work in the ceramics studio during the year?
Describe the processes and firings with which you are familiar? Please be detailed about your knowledge.
Do you understand that if you are awarded a position in ceramics you will be required to work during finals week,
of the semester in which you are awarded employment, in order to ensure that all student work is fired and that the
studio is clean and orderly.
Please Initial ______________
Do you understand that this position varies in hourly work commitments based on the workflow in the studio?
There may be weeks of minimal hours and others of great demand.
Please Initial __________________
Do you understand that this job requires you to be responsible for the safety of others, abiding all safety rules and
procedures of the St. Olaf Art Department, requires common sense, a knowledge of all ceramics processes,
requires that you keep the ceramics studio in good repair, operating smoothly, and requires that you want to learn
more about the ceramic process?
Please Initial ______________
Do you understand that this position is not the kind that allows you to work on your homework or your own
projects but rather is about taking pride in the upkeep and operation of the ceramics studio?
Please Initial __________________