St. Johns County Application for
Registered Architectural Review Association
Corporate Document Number:
Property Appraiser's parcel number of the Community:
City State
Zip Code
Legal description of Community. The legal can be a separate document or the Property Appraiser's parcel
number of the Community can be provided.
In accordance with St. Johns County Land Development Code Section 5.03.02.H this application must be
accompanied by an Opinion letter issued by an active member of the Florida Bar certifying, based upon review of the
Declaration, applicable public records, and corporate documents of the Association that:
The Association is a Florida not for profit corporation in good standing.
The Association, or a committee appointed by the Association has and is actively exercising,
Architectural Review Authority for the Community.
Turnover for the Community has occurred.
The Association by Declaration is vested with Architectural Review Authority for its Community.
The specific scope by type of improvement and activity of Architectural Review Authority.
Facsimile of the stamp which the Association proposes to affix to plans which have received
Architectural Approval.
Addition information may be requested if determined reasonable by the County Administrator.
I understand that the Registered Association Program subject of this application is a service provided to
eligible associations upon application to and approval by St. Johns County. As a condition of this application,
I understand that the County assumes no liability to the association or any other person for the administration
or operation of this requested service, and that the association is solely responsible for enforcing any and all
of its duly enacted covenants and restrictions.
Registered Notice Association Registered Approval Association
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Revised 11/10/15
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