St. Cloud State University
Definition of Work out of Class: an employee is assigned substantially all of the duties of a vacant position, exceeds 10 consecutive
work days. If the WOOC assignment is more than 6 months in duration, the most senior qualified employee will be appointed to the
WOOC (if applicable).
A work out of class is typically utilized to temporarily fill a vacancy OR for an extended leave of absence (LOA). A work out of class
is NOT used to cover vacation leave.
Reason for Work Out of Class request:
Temporarily fill a vacancy Fill in behind a Leave of Absence
Classification of WOOC Vacancy:
Classification of Employee to be assigned:
Employee on LOA or vacated the position:
Employee to be assigned to WOOC:
Supervisor name of WOOC vacancy:
Supervisor name of in - class position:
Requested WOOC hourly rate of pay (must be at least one step
if new class is a promotion --- consult with Human Resources)
Hourly Rate ____________
Below for HR only:
○ Approved ○ Denied ○ Adjusted to new rate __________
Employee current in class hourly rate:
Hourly Rate ____________
Cost Center Number to be Charged for WOOC:
Proposed Begin and End dates of WOOC:
Begin _______________ End ___________________
Please list the 4 or 5 major job duties/tasks to be performed in the work out of class position:
1. ______________________________________________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________________________________________
3. ______________________________________________________________________________
4. ______________________________________________________________________________
5. ______________________________________________________________________________
Employee’s Signature Date
Signature of Supervisor with vacant position Date
Signature of Employees in-class supervisor Date
Signature of HR representative Date
Rev 4/24/20 **WOOC may be extended by mutual agreement and approval of HR**
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