Sprinkler System Design Guide
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Address ______________________________________________________________________________
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To ensure a proper irrigation design and estimate, please measure your yard and draw it on the graph
paper provided, including all buildings, driveways, sidewalks, fences, trees, shrubs, flower beds, lawn
areas, and any other obstructions.
Please answer the following questions:
1. Is your plan drawn as directed on the graph paper provided? Yes No
If not, please ensure it is drawn to scale at 1= 10
2. Are the water outlets shown on your plan? Yes No
3. What is the water flow rate in GPM? ____________GPM
- To determine Gallons Per Minute, time how long it takes to fill a
bucket of known size from one of the outside faucets, then use
the following formula:
Bucket Size (in gallons) X 60 = GPM
Seconds to fill
4. Do you want the shrubs irrigated? Yes No
5. Do you want the flower beds irrigated? Yes No
6. Do you want the garden irrigated? Yes No
7. Are any of the plant beds elevated? (if so, mark clearly on plan) Yes No
8. Do you have a sprinkler head preference? A Rotary Pop-up (louder)
B Mist Pop-up (quieter)
C No Preference
9. Do you want an automatic system or manual system? Manual Automatic
a. If automatic, do you want a groundbox? Yes No
b. If automatic, do you want a rain sensor? Yes No
10. Do you want a Do-It-Yourself or an installed package? DIY Installed