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Springfield Technical
Community College
Honors Program
Add-On Contract
Student's Name:
Student's STCC ID#: Course (# & Title and section #):
Address: Course Credits:
Student E-mail: Sponsoring Faculty Member and E-mail:
Intent of Proposed Project:
What will this honors project focus on and why? Click here to enter text. [This section of the
contract should spell out, in as clear and complete detail as possible, the focus and purpose for
the honors project. What question(s), problem(s), or issue(s) will the project invest/gate? Why
is the subject significant to you in particular, to the world in general? Why are you, the student,
interested in pursuing it? What do you hope to gain from the add-on project?]
What form with the final project take?
Click here to enter text: What will the final product of this add -on honors work take? Example:
will it be a research paper, an art project, a demonstration, will it produce a tangible product or
app, poster board, etc?
Approach and methodologies involved:
How do you plan to pursue the project and what is the planned meeting schedule between
faculty and student for the project?
Click here to enter text. [Will it be primarily a matter of library research, field research,
experimental design, artistic creation, etc.? Or will it be some combination of approaches?
Will it proceed in predictable stages?]
Resources Required: (Please attach a bibliography if available)
What will you need to complete this project?
Click here to enter text. [What materials, sources of knowledge and information, expertise will
the honors add-on project require?]
Evaluation Methods:
How will the satisfactory completion of this project be measured by the faculty member?
Click here to enter text. [Will there be periodic conferences with the sponsoring faculty member?
Interim or progress reports? Submission of a final paper report? What will be the standard
for measuring accomplishment?]
How will the project be presented to an audience? (e.g., public lecture, public
demonstration, presentation at a conference, public display, art show, Spring Honors Forum,
or other)
How will the process, findings, results or products of the project be publicized? When and
Click here to enter text. [The STCC Honors Program requires that projects be shared with some
audience - at the very least, other students in ac/ass or other groups with which the honors work
was associated.] Note that add-on students are expected to present at least at the Spring Honors
Additional Comments and/or requests:
Click here to enter text. [You can use this space for further information you and your professor
wish to communicate to the Honors Advisory Committee. Should you anticipate any modest
financial needs in pursuit of your project you may make your initial request here and the
Honors Program will seek funds to support you.]
Required Signatures
Student Date:
Sponsoring Faculty Date:
Honors Committee/Coordinator Date:
DEADLINE REMINDER: All honors contracts must be typed and submitted to the office of the
honors program coordinator by the 4th week of the semester.
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