Spoon River College Intramurals
Participant Release Agreement
I, ________________________________, a student at Spoon River College acknowledge that I have
voluntarily chosen to participate in the intramural program and have full knowledge of the risks this
activity presents; including as the case may be, travel to, participation in, and returning from the
In consideration of my being permitted by the institution to participate in the intramural program,
engaging in the sport of dodgeball, do hereby, for myself, my spouse, my heirs, my children, including
any guardian ad litem for the children, my assigns, and legal representatives, release Spoon River
College from all liability for any injuries that I have received or might in the future receive for the playing
and/or practicing of this sport. With this knowledge, I am entering into this agreement freely and
Acknowledge Release by signing the agreement below.
I have read and understand the release agreement.
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