Sponsorship Authorization
Complete each section as appropriate. Required fields are highlighted. Print and sign approval of the conditions stated herein. Please note that sponsorship
cannot be revoked aer the first day of classes. For detailed information about sponsoring a student, see over and the NLC web site: www.nlc.bc.ca
Sponsoring Company/Organization name Billing Address City Province Postal Code
Contact name Phone Fax Email
Purchase order number (if applicable)
Payables information
(if different than above)
Contact name Phone Fax Email
Name (If more than 1 student, please enter names in Additional comments) Birthdate and/or NLC Student ID#
Course or program to be funded Course date(s) or semester
Sponsored fees (select all that apply, provide a maximum if applicable. If sponsoring for CE/WFT, please enter the amount sponsored in the TOTAL box.)
Tuition Max
Student Fees Max
Instruction Related Fees Max
Textbooks Max
Residence fees Max
Other costs (identify) Max
Student must pay to the College Additional comments
With this consent, permission is given to Northern Lights College to collect payment for the above-noted indebtedness. I understand that this
sponsorship agreement may not be revoked aer the first day of classes for the study period described above.
Signature of sponsor representative Printed name Date of signature
sponauth20171128 Financial Services
As a sponsor, you can and should identify what you are willing to
pay for. Charges a student may encounter include:
• Tuition e actual cost of the course(s) and is eligible for tax
• Student fees e fees associated with being a student
including the NLC Student Association fees.
• Instruction Related fees Some programs or courses may have
these fees to cover the cost of resources, supplies, and materials.
• Textbooks
• Tools, uniforms, certification exam fees Additional costs
that a student might encounter to start or finish their program.
• Accommodation: A student may need to move or live in an
NLC residence.
Details on the costs of NLC programs are available at
www.nlc.bc.ca/Admissions/Tuition. Sponsors may also want to
limit the total amount they are willing to pay.
Refunds for Tuition, Student Fees, and Instruction Related Fees
will be returned to the Sponsor, providing a formal agreement
with NLC exists. If you have simply paid on behalf of the student
(without an sponsorship authorization agreement with NLC),
refunds will go to the student.
Payment terms are defined on the invoice to sponsors, but
normally follow the same payment terms as students; payment in
full by the first day of classes.
Many of NLC’s courses and programs require pre-payment of a
deposit before a student can enrol. e deposit is non-refundable
even if the student doesn’t come. e deposit is also
non-transferrable; if a student does not come, it cannot be
transferred to another student. If a deposit is required, it must be
paid at the time of enrolment and cannot be deferred to invoice.
(Note that students who cannot provide a deposit but have
confirmed funding can request a Deposit Waiver).
Sponsors may revoke their agreement to sponsor a student prior
to the first day of classes by emailing details including the
sponsoring organization name, the student name, and the NLC
student ID number or birthdate to financialservices@nlc.bc.ca.
Aer the first day of classes, all fees are due and payable as
outlined in the sponsorship agreement, regardless of whether the
student aends or sponsorship is withdrawn. Note that if a
student drops the course(s) before the refund deadline, there may
be a refund to the sponsor. Revoking sponsorship does not
withdraw a student from the course(s); only the student may do
Sponsors oen expect evidence that a student aended and/or
completed a program or course. e student may request a
Confirmation of Enrolment and/or a Transcript be sent to the
student or directly to the sponsor.
Sponsors also oen want to check-in on how their students are
doing. Note that a sponsorship agreement would not entitle the
sponsor to ask the College directly for information about
enrolment, aendance, grades, or financial information.
If a sponsor requires direct access to NLC to discuss a student’s
enrolment, aendance, grades, or financial information, the
student must complete a Release of Information.
T2202A Tuition, Education, and Textbook Amounts Certificate are
issued to students (not sponsors). Sponsors seeking education tax
credits should contact their student.
Sponsoring a student at NLC
Sponsoring a student is a formal agreement between your organization and Northern Lights College that in simplest terms, is a
promissory note to cover the costs associated with education. Sponsoring a student is different than customized training as customized
training does not specifically identify the student in the contract. For details on payments, refunds, and penalties for customized training,
please see your contract.
As a sponsor, there are some important details that you should know.
You may also want to consider best practices: www.nlc.bc.ca/Services/AR/sponsorship