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Academic Advising O ce, 51 Brattle Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138-3722
Special Student Information Sheet
e Special Student option provides ALM degree candidates with the opportunity to enroll in a maximum of  pre-approved Harvard Graduate School
of Arts and Sciences courses; all other course work for the degree must be completed through the Harvard Extension and Harvard Summer Schools.
You can take one course per semester for one academic year or two courses in one semester. is option is only for courses not ordinarily off ered at the
Harvard Extension or Harvard Summer Schools. e deadlines for submitting the Special Student petition are listed online as well as the cost of tuition.
e program will not accept courses toward a degree that are not preapproved.
In order to apply for Special Student status you must be an admitted ALM candidate who has completed a minimum of  credits toward your
program at Harvard with a cumulative GPA of . or higher.
In order for your Special Student application to be complete, you must:
Complete the attached Special Student Petition.
Meet with Stephen J. Blinn, Associate Director of Professional Programs, or Sarah Powell, Assistant Director of Liberal Arts Programs, to
discuss qualifi cations for admission and course selection and to request a recommendation letter. Please be aware that this is a formal interview
and you should be prepared to make the case that you are a strong candidate for Special Student status. Submission of the petition does not
guarantee offi ce approval.
Complete the Special Student online application for the Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at
www.gsas.harvard.edu/programs_of_study/special_students_admissions.php. Visit their website for the deadline dates.
Have two Extension School instructors upload their letters of recommendation to the online application form. ese should be from faculty
members who teach in the fi eld(s) in which you propose to take courses.
Order an offi cial Extension School transcript to be uploaded to the online form. In addition, you must upload offi cial transcripts from your
previous colleges or universities; contact each school directly.
If your Special Student Petition is approved, the program director will upload his/her letter of recommendation. e nal decision on your application
rests solely with the Special Student Offi ce. e decision will be based on your overall academic history, previous coursework in the fi eld, letters of
recommendation, your application essay, and the letter of support from your program director.
. ext_psss.pdf
Academic Advising O ce, 51 Brattle Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138-3722
Special Student Petition
Student Information
FULL LEGAL NAME (exactly as printed on your government-issued ID)
Last/Family/Sur name(s) First/Given name(s) Middle name(s)
(appears on your ID card)
ALM FIELD (i.e., English literature, software engineering, journalism)
CUMULATIVE GPA (3.5 minimum) T O TA L N U M B E R O F H A RVA R D E X T E N S I O N SC H O O L  H A R VA R D S U M M E RS C H O O LC R ED I T SC O M P LE T E D(16-credit minimum)
Special Student enrollment dates: Semester(s) __________________________________________ Year __________________________
Candidates receiving fi nancial aid from the Extension School must inform Student Financial Services of their intent to take GSAS courses, and candidates
currently deferring loans must inform the Registrar’s O ce.
Employment status: Full-time Part-time Number of hours per week _____________
Harvard employees who receive TAP do not need to apply for Special Student status. ey only need to check this box: , fi ll out this form, and submit it to
Stephen Blinn or Sarah Powell.
Course Information
You must take the courses for a letter grade and you can only register for courses listed as “For Undergraduates and Graduates” or “Primarily for Graduates.”
Enrollment in any course is subject to the permission of the instructor. Obtaining permission is diffi cult in limited-enrollment courses. Please review
the Special Student website for a list of restricted courses.
Instructor Information
Please list the two instructors providing letters of recommendation:
Course Registration Proposal
Submit a two-page essay outlining the academic reasons for wanting to enroll as a Special Student and detailing how the course(s) will be of benefi t to
your academic and professional career. Be sure to attach the GSAS course descriptions as a separate (third) sheet.
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. ext_psss.pdf
Please note that once you are registered as a Special Student, you will need to provide the Academic Advising Offi ce with a transcript listing the courses
in which you are registered (deadlines are October  for fall courses and February  for spring courses) and a transcript listing the courses with the fi nal
grades (deadlines are February  for fall courses and June  for spring courses). Transcripts can be requested online at
I have started the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Special Student online application form, (
I have made an appointment to meet with Stephen J. Blinn or Sarah Powell.
I have contacted my Extension School instructors for letters of recommendation.
I have ordered my transcripts from all the schools I have attended, including the Extension School.
Students signature _______________________________________________________________________ Date ____________________
Professional Degree O ce use only:
Approved by _____________________________________________________________________________ Date _____________________
Recommendation letters sent to SSO __________________________________________________________ Coded in BAN _____________
Admitted _____________________________________________________ GSAS transcript  received ___________________________
_____________________________________________________ GSAS transcript  received ___________________________
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