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Special Student Enrollment Form – Western Washington University
Registrar’s Office – Old Main 230, Bellingham WA 98225-9008 – (360) 650-3432
General Information (for detailed information see “Specific Information and Instructions” below)
You may use the SPECIAL STUDENT ENROLLMENT FORM only if you are:
A WWU employee eligible for tuition reduction
60 or more years of age and eligible for tuition waiver
A non-matriculated student wishing to take courses for credit or audit
A Washington State employee
A member of the Washington National Guard
(Western Washington University reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant for Special Student enrollment.)
Special students are non-matriculated students at Western Washington University who must reapply each quarter. Enrollment in some programs as a special student may be on a
space available basis
only. Special students may register beginning the first or second day of classes through the fifth day of classes. If you do not fall into one of the Special
Student categories above, or you wish to be admitted to WWU as a new freshman, transfer student, post-baccalaureate or readmitted as a former WWU student, you must apply
through Admissions. If you wish to apply for admission to a masters program, contact the Graduate School. Use the Summer Registration Application to apply for summer
quarter registration.
Specific Information and Instructions
Chapter 28B 15 RCW permits tuition-free enrollment for purposes of career enhancement. Enrollment requires the payment of a $30 quarterly fee. National Guard members
complete Part I of the form and return it to the Registrar’s Office, Old Main 230, as soon as possible but not later than the fifth day of classes. WWU staff and state employees
must submit the tuition waiver form to the Registrar’s Office before registering.
State law allows permanent residents of the state of Washington who are 60 years of age or older to register at no cost for a maximum of two courses per quarter during the
academic year, fall/winter/spring. Complete Part I of the form on the reverse side and return it to the Registrar’s Office, Old Main 230, as soon as possible for creation of an ID#
and quarter record for registration purposes. You must also submit the tuition waiver form to the Registrar’s Office after registering, but not later than the fifth day of classes.
Other restrictions may apply.
A student who has not been matriculated into a degree or certificate program may enroll fall/winter/spring through the Non-matriculated Student Registration Program. Once set
up in the system as a non-matriculated student, the student is allowed to register through Web4U beginning the first day of the quarter. Non-matriculated students are required to
satisfy all prerequisites and course restrictions that may apply. The Special Student Enrollment Form should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office, Old Main 230, two-to-three
weeks before the quarter begins but no later than the first week of the quarter. Tuition is based on residency, and all applicable tuition and fees are due and payable according to
the dates and deadlines listed under Calendars on the Registrar’s Office homepage at http://www.wwu.edu/depts/registrar/
Auditors do not earn credits and, according to University policy, may not register for performance courses such as physical education activities, laboratory courses, studio
courses or similar courses in which the content of the course requires active participation on the part of the student. Auditors do not participate in class discussions, write
papers, take tests or complete class projects. No grades are assigned, but an official WWU transcript is created. Auditors need to complete both Parts I and II on the reverse
side and return the form to the Registrar’s Office ,Old Main 230, as soon as possible but not later than the fifth day of classes. Auditors wishing to enroll in self-supporting courses
must pay full fees and see Extended Education and Summer Programs, 405 32
St., AE 209, for registration information. Other auditors pay $10 per credit.
Western Washington University
Check one: Special Student Enrollment Form
Audit (must complete Auditing a Class below)
Waiver Non-Matriculated ±%HOOLQJKDP1RQ0DWULFXODWHG±(YHUHWW&DPSXV
Name: (Last) (First) (MI)
Previous Name: Telephone: WWU Student # (if known):
Email (please print legibly:
Date of Birth: Social Security Number
Permanent Mailing Address:
City: State: Zip:
Local Mailing Address (if different from permanent:
City: State: Zip:
Previous application or attendance
at WWU?
Quarter __________ Year __________
Are you currently a Washington state
No Yes, from ________ to ________
Washington Driver’s License #UHTXLUHG
Please check one:
U.S. citizen U.S. permanent resident Not a U.S. citizen/not U.S. resident
If you checked U.S. Permanent Resident, list Resident Alien number or country and U.S. visa type,
__________________________________________________ Date granted __________________
Optional Information
What race/ethnicity do you consider yourself? Please check all that apply and specify if you indicate “Other.”
Asian American:
Asian Indian (4A/600)
Cambodian (4C/604)
Chines e (4C/605)
Filipino (4F/608)
Japanese (4J/611)
Korean (4K/612)
Laotian (4L/613)
Thai (4T/618)
Vietnamese (4V/619)
Pacific Islander:
Native Guamanian (660)
Hawaiian (4H/653)
Samoan (4S/655)
Other: ______________________
Native American (5N/597)
Tribe: ______________________
Enrolled member?
Yes No
Hispanic or Latino origin:
M exican/Mexican American/
Chicano (3M/722)
Cuban (3C/709)
Puerto Rican (3P/727)
Other: ______________________
Black/African American (2/870)
Caucasian or White (1/800/999)
Aleut (5A/941)
Eskimo (5E/935)
Multi-racial: ____________________
I certify that to the best of my knowledge, statements I have made in
this application are complete and true. I hereby agree to abide by all policies which pertain to my enrollment at WWU.
Signature of applicant: ____________________________________________________________________ Date ___________________________________________________________
Auditing a Class (Special Students who wish to audit a course for no credit must complete the following. Please see auditing regulations on page 2. The instructor’s signature is required.)
Department Course
Instructor Signature
KL/My Docs/Forms & Signs/Special Student Enrollment Form 9/17/2008