Special Events Permit Application
Any APPLICANT (tenant, non-tenant, or otherwise) seeking to host a Special Event on any San Bernardino
International Airport Authority (SBIAA) property or leasehold area MUST obtain written approval from the agencys
Executive Director as a prerequisite to hosting any such event. To initiate the approval process, APPLICANT
must submit a completed Special Event Permit Application at least fteen (15) calendar days prior to the
proposed event to the following address:
or by using the submit button at the end of the application
Upon receipt of the Special Event Permit Application, Airport Sta will contact the APPLICANT to obtain additional
information as necessary to determine the specic requirements of to the event. Note: The APPLICANT is
responsible for providing all event details to the SBIAA Events Coordinator.
The following requirements must be satised prior to the approval of a SBIAA Special Event Permit
Proof of insurance as required by SBIAA. Note: Do not submit any insurance with the Application. The SBIAA
Events Coordinator will initiate contact to obtain documentation satisfying SBIAAs insurance requirements
for the particular event. APPLICANT must submit valid proof of insurance to SBIAA (meeting the
requirements for a particular event) at least 5 business days prior to the event.
If SBIAA determines that Airport Operations, Security, or Maintenance Personnel are necessary to support
the event, APPLICANT will be advised of the anticipated number of personnel, and the hourly rates for such
personnel as may change from time to time, without prior notication or consent of APPLICANT. Note: The
actual cost of SBIAA personnel in support of the Special Event will be determined and shall, at the sole
discretion of SBIAA, be paid in advance, or billed to the APPLICANT after the event.
Fees/charges are a prerequisite for approval of a Special Event Permit, and shall include, but are not limited to:
1. Special Event Permit Fee: $250/day. Applicable to any revenue producing Special Event (revenue
includes: sponsorships, advertising, fees, charges, or any other source of income producing revenue
relating to the Special Event).
2. Property use: Fees will be based on current SBIAA property rates.
3. Non-leasehold parking lots, based upon availability:
0 – 100 spaces = $600/day
100 – 200 spaces = $1,000/day
200 – 300 spaces = $1,500/day
4. Equipment use, and any other applicable fees: Varies based upon type and quantity.
Written approval from the Executive Director.
If you are lming your event for commercial purposes, you will require a permit from the City of San
Bernardino. If you are displaying reworks or conducting a burn, you will require a permit for the County
of San Bernardino Fire Department.
Should you have questions prior to submitting your application, please contact
Monette Mendoza, Assitant FBO Manager and Events Coordinator, at (909) 382-6068
Date submitted:
Host Organization:
Name of Special Event:
Description of Special Event (including name of event and purpose):
Primary contact person:
Name of contact person on day(s) of event, if dierent from above:
Date(s) of Special Event:
Duration of Special Event:
Estimate Attendance/Personnel Requirements:
From: To:
(Attach schedule of activities or timeline as necessary)
Email: Phone: Cell:
Email: Phone: Cell:
Event Details
Contact Information
Guest Attendance Host Attendance Event Sta Vendor Sta
Guest Vehicles Host Vehicles Event Sta Vehicles Vendor Sta Vehicles
What is your proposed parking location for vehicles?
Provide plan describing/depicting staging areas and locations of food tables, bar, dancing, stage aircraft or
vehicle displays, etc. attach additional sheets or drawing as necessary:
Provide plan for litter control. (Applicant is responsible for removing all trash from event area.):
Describe any other planned activities during the event:
Provide any additional information regarding the event:
Attach a copy of permit.
Will alcohol be served?
Will alcohol be for sale?
Do you or your caterer have a permit to serve alcohol at the event?
Will parking services be contracted? Yes
Parking Service company:
Primary Parking Contact:
E-mail: Phone number:
Event Details, continued
Will an open ame be needed for any food preparation?
If your response is yes, please specify the exact location, type, and quantity of open ame equipment:
Is Applicant seeking to use or display: reworks, balloons, ags, ood lights, or other items
that may impact aircraft?
Do you or the event sponsor anticipate or plan to do any lming at the event for commercial
Rules and Regulations:
Applicant hereby agrees to observe and comply with all laws, ordinances, rules and regulations of the United
States Government, the State of California, the County of San Bernardino, the City of San Bernardino, SBIAA, and
all agencies thereof which may be applicable to its operation, management, maintenance or administration.
Applicant hereby agrees to release, indemnify and hold SBIAA, its ocers, agents and employees harmless, from
and against (i) any and all loss of or damage to property, or injuries to, or death of any person or persons, includ-
ing property and ocers, employees and agents of SBIAA; and (ii) all claims, damages, suits, costs, expense,
liability, actions or proceedings of any kind or nature whatsoever, of or by anyone whomever, in any way resulting
from or arising out of the acts and omissions and conduct of ocers, employees, or agents, of Applicant related to
the Special Event activities on SBIAA property which are the subject of this permit, other than damage to or loss
of property, or injury to or death of persons, caused by the negligence or willful acts of SBIAA, its ocers, employ-
ees, contractors or agents. SBIAA will give prompt notice to Applicant of any claim or suit related to the Special
Event on SBIAA property which are the subject of this permit of which SBIAA receives notice. I have read and am
familiar with the guidelines pertaining to SBIAA activity use.
Applicant Name
If submitted electronically, your typed name constitutes an electronic signature.
Other:PA System
Wi-Fi Displays
Are internet or audio/visual resources needed from the Airport? Check all that apply: Yes
Do you or the event sponsor anticipate or plan to invite any media personnel to the event? Yes
Event Details, continued
Identify applicable fees/charges
Special Event Permit, property, parking lot, equipment, Airport Operations, IT services, Airport security,, etc.
Billable Services Description
Comments/Conditions of Approval:
Permit Status
Permit Number Eective Dates
Michael Burrows, Executive Director Date
Payment Required
City of San Bernardino Permit Required? Yes No
County of San Bernardino Fire Permit Required? Yes No
Special Events Permit Approved? Yes No
Permit Fee Yes No
Property Fees Yes No
Parking Lot Yes No
Equipment Yes No
IT Services Yes No
Operations Sta Yes No
Security Sta Yes No
IT Sta Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Permit Fee Exempt?