The City of Arkadelphia has a variety of public spaces that provide the ideal setting for public
events of all sizes. The City is "people-oriented" and encourages the use of its parks and other public
facilities for the pleasure and enjoyment of residents and visitors. A successful event requires proper
planning and preparation to ensure the safety and convenience of the event participants and the general
public. Enjoy Arkadelphia safely!
Events that must be approved:
Any function to be conducted on any property or facility of the City must be pre-approved if:
The event will require the closure or obstruction of any public streets or right-of-way;
Attendance of more than 400 people at the same time will be anticipated; or
Alcoholic beverages will be sold, served, or allowed
NOTE: Athletic events will be approved through the Arkadelphia Parks and Recreation Department.
Event Approval Process:
1. An original Event Application must be submitted to the City of Arkadelphia Administration Office
at least sixty (60) days in advance.
City of Arkadelphia Communications Director
700 Clay Street
Arkadelphia, AR 71923
Depending upon event size, the approval process may take up to thirty (30) days.
The City of Arkadelphia Communications Director will receive the Event Application and begin the
review process.
The City of Arkadelphia Administration Office will evaluate the application for compliance with facility
permitted uses and other facility requirements and/or restrictions. Applications not meeting
compliance will be returned to the applicant stating the reason for denial. If the application meets
requirements of facility or property the City of Arkadelphia Administration Office will send copies of
applications within five (5) business days to the other reviewing departments for review.
The Fire Department will evaluate the application or occupancy limits, fire or explosion hazards,
emergency access and exit, and other provisions of the Fire Code, as well as the need for on-site
medical personnel. If you have questions, contact the Fire Chief's office at 870-246-9354.
The Police Department will review the security plan for the event. Most events will require at least one
officer to provide security and/or traffic control. The total number of officers required will be
determined by the type of event, the number of people expected to attend, and whether alcoholic
beverages are being sold. Arrangements for security must be discussed with the City of Arkadelphia
Police Department. Security must be certified law enforcement officers, regardless of agency. If
arranged with APD, the cost for off-duty officers averages approximately$30 per hour for each officer
needed. For more information regarding security requirements or to arrange security, contact the
Police Chief at 870-246-4545.
Special Event Application
The Police Department will also evaluate the application for traffic congestion and public
convenience issues, appropriate marking, wayfinding signage, and/or barricading of closed streets
or traffic lanes. A charge may apply if the Street or Police department must erect traffic control
Off-premise signage must conform to the City of Arkadelphia sign regulations as identified and
amended in Ordinance No. 0-11-02 and may require a permit. Please see the ordinance and
regulations for more information.
The reviewing departments will return the applicant on form with an authorized signature
indicating approval, conditions, or reason for denial to the managing department within five (5)
business days of receipt. After all departments respond, the managing department will reach a
final decision and notify the applicant using the applicant-submitted contact information. If
denied, the applicant may make an appeal to the City Manager.
Following event hosting, the City of Arkadelphia will inspect the event area to determine that it
and any surrounding traffic/parking areas have been properly cleaned and returned to their pre-
event state.
Approved Applications
The applicant is responsible for ensuring that the provisions and conditions listed on the approved
Event Application are provided. The applicant shall maintain a copy of the approved application at the
event site during the event. Failure to amply with the provisions and conditions may result in the
cancellation of the event a /or applicant's inability to host special events in the City of Arkadelphia.
Special Event Application
Special Event Application
Organization Address:
Organization's Chief Officer (local):
Has the applicant conducted previous events?
Time Begin:
Time End:
Description of Event:
Estimated Attendance:
Expected Age Range:
Will alcoholic beverages be sold?
Alcohol Beverage Control permit holder:
Charity benefiting from Alcoholic Beverage Sales:
Is this event open for public attendance?
Paid admission required?
Has this event been held before?
Event Manager (must be on site):
Cell Phone:
NOTE: The onsite event manager must have available immediate phone access and phone numbers to
contact emergency personnel if those personnel are not stationed at event.
Security and Safety:
Describe the security and safety plan for the event in detail. Attach additional sheets if necessary. If you
need help in developing a plan, you may contact the Arkadelphia Police department at
Emergency Medical:
Will emergency medical providers be stationed at the event? Yes No (Some may be required for
some events)
Have provisions been made in the event plan to allow easy, access for medical personnel and other
responders in case of an emergency? Yes No
Special Event Application
Please describe plan:
What is the parking plan for the event?
Will the event require the closing or obstruction of any public streets? Yes No
What street is requested for closing? ____________________________________________________________________
Beginning intersection: _______________________ Ending intersection: _____________________________________
NOTE: A detailed diagram and description of event area, including any necessary closure or obstruction,
must be submitted.
Will toilet facilities be available? Yes No Where?
Will portable toilets be used? Yes No Number of portable toilets planned
Describe the number and location of additional receptacles for trash, recycling, and other refuse.
Recycling bins are strongly encouraged and may be provided at request.
What provisions have been made for cleaning and restoration of the facility and/or area (including
parking and egress/ingress) after the event? Applicant is responsible for event cleanup.
Applicant Signature
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Special Event Application
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Has required detailed diagram and description of event area been submitted? Yes No
Receipt Date of Completed Application:
Departmental Review/Approval
Fire Chief
Police Chief
Sanitation Supervisor
Streets Supervisor
City Manager
Approved with Noted Corrections(below)
Applicant Notified / Date: