Special Event Permit Information
Each year the City of Deerfield Beach is the site to an ever growing number of special events. The City of
Deerfield Beach recognizes the value that special events can have to organizations as well as to the
community; they are a great way to highlight your organization, fundraise and bring the community together.
The City of Deerfield Beach is committed to supporting quality special events throughout the community. In
order for each event to take place, the City has established an application process along with a set of
guidelines that must be followed in order to ensure that the event is safe as well as successful. If you are
unsure about the availability of a venue or have a question regarding a possible event, a preliminary
conversation with City staff will help allow for a seamless event planning experience.
On the subsequent pages, you will find a checklist of the documents that are required to process your special
event application. This information is intended to assist in the planning of your event and to help organizers
better understand the special event permitting process. There is a contact information page located at the end
of this guide for any questions or clarifications you may have while preparing your application and site plan.
A Special Event in the City of Deerfield Beach is defined as any sale, grand opening, photo shoot,
party, holiday celebration, bazaar, concert or other performance, fair, carnival, tent revival, fundraising
event, art festival, race, tour, rally, parade, bicycle run, demonstration, contest, exhibition, block party,
outdoor display or similar event or occurrence, including the use of tents, or other devices or
structures to conduct, advertise or promote any such event occurring on public or non-public lands or
in a public right-of-way such as a public or non-public street, shared-use path, alley or other public
place or building, park, beach, parking lot, vacant lot, where the event would substantially inhibit the
usual flow of pedestrian or vehicular travel or which occupies any public area or building so as to
preempt use of said area by the general public for its intended use or which deviates from the
established use of said area or building.
A complete application shall be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the commencement of an event
along with the non-refundable application fee based on the following time line:
A Special Event Permit Application shall be determined complete on the date on which all the required
documentation has been submitted. The non-refundable application fee shall be charged from the time of
submission of the complete Special Event Permit Application.
Not-for-profit Florida certified organizations that provide proof of certification shall be exempt from payment of
the Special Event Permit application fee.
More than 60 days before event $50.00
Between 30 and 59 days before event $100.00
Less than 30 days before event $150.00
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Special Event Permit Checklist
In order to assist in making the Special Events Application Permit process as smooth as possible, the City of
Deerfield Beach Community Events and Outreach Division has created the following Special Event Permit
Checklist. Should any of the below items reflect your event, a Special Event Permit will be required:
Items Required for Submission
Site Plan Requirements
The required legible and dimensioned site plan must contain all of the following information:
*Please note: items marked with one asterisk will require additional permitting.
**Please note: items marked with two asterisks will require fire inspection.
Gatherings of 20 people or more
in a public place
Sale of alcoholic beverages
Use of mechanical or inflatable rides
Amplified music/entertainment
Block parties
Parking Lot/Road Closure
Special Event Permit Application completed in its entirety.
Legible and dimensioned site plan for event location including parking, traffic flow, location of
signage, tents, staging, generators, appliances, fences, pyrotechnic materials, emergency access
routes, etc. See site plan requirements directly below.
Non-Refundable Application Fee. (Not-for-profits are exempt from application fee)
Certification of State of Florida not-for-profit status (if applicable).
Proof of ownership of event property or notarized letter from event site landowner authorizing the
event on their property.
Certificates of insurance from the individual or organization naming the City of Deerfield Beach (150
NE 2nd Ave) and Broward Sheriff's Office (2601 W Broward Blvd) See example below
Completed Hold Harmless Agreement
Approved rental permit from the Parks and Recreation Department, if the event location is at a City
of Deerfield Beach public park.
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Existing Designs Temporary Improvements
Permanent Structures
Parking Spaces
Fences, Walls, and Hedges
Tents and Canopies*
(permit required if larger than 10' x 10')
Portable Restrooms
Trash Containers & Receptacles
Mechanical Rides, Bounce Houses and
Similar Equipment*
Cooking Appliances (includes food trucks)**
Size, Character, and Location of Signage
Additional Permitting Links:
- Tents/Canopies/Stages/Equipment Permit
- Generator Permit
Grand Openings
Construction/Assembly of temporary structures
Additional Special Event Permit Information
We encourage applicants with large events to meet with City staff to discuss event layout, fire codes,
street closures, parking, etc. The purpose of this meeting is to assist you in making sure your event
runs smoothly, offer advice and ensure all City codes are being met. Please call the Community
Events and Outreach Department at 954-480-4429 to coordinate the meeting.
Applicant shall be responsible for traffic and crowd control and may be required to hire off-duty
special detail Broward Sheriff Office deputies for traffic and crowd control.
If an applicant intends to install or utilize tents or canopies larger than 10' x 10' in size, permits must
be obtained from the Building Services Division.
All installation, including electrical hook-ups, shall be made at the applicant's expense and approved
in advance by the Building Services Division. Permits must be obtained from the Building Services
Division and be available on the day(s) of the event.
Applicant shall be responsible for maintaining all areas encompassed by the event in a safe, clean
and orderly condition. The applicant will be responsible for the removal of trash or debris, restoration
of damaged shrubs, plants, turf, underground utilities, structures, irrigation, trees and paved surfaces
on any portion of City or other public property. REMINDER: Plastic straws have been banned in The
City of Deerfield Beach. No applicant/vendor will be allowed to sell or distribute plastic straws at any
event at The City of Deerfield Beach.
The sales of alcohol at the event will require the approval of City Commission. If approved to sell,
distribute and consume alcoholic beverages at the event, you will be required to obtain a special
event liquor license from the State of Florida (Liquor Sales Permit).
If the special event is located on public property, a certificate of liability insurance is required from the
individual or organization at the time of application. The certificate must name the City of Deerfield
Beach as additionally insured for the date(s) of the event and must show general liability insurance
with a combined single limit of $1,000,000 for bodily injury and property damage per occurrence.
Product liability in the amount of $100,000 is required if food or beverages are served or sold. As
well, a copy of public premises liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 naming the Broward
Sheriff's Office additionally insured shall be submitted.
- Addresses for additionally insured:
a. City of Deerfield Beach, 150 NE 2nd Ave, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
b. Broward Sheriff's Office, 2601 W Broward Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
Submit your completed application via mail or in person (Tuesday & Thursday 2:00pm to 4:00pm) to
the Community Events and Outreach Division located at the City of Deerfield Beach, 401A SW 4th
Street, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 or fax to 954-420-2274. Applications may also be emailed to
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If requesting a waiver of fees for such items as permits, item rentals, or parking, the waiver of fees
must be presented before City Commission for approval. If the application must go before City
Commission for approval, the complete application must be received 60 days prior to the event date,
The City of Deerfield Beach has three locations available for hosting a beach wedding. If interested
in using one of the three available locations, please contact the Parks & Recreation Department at
954-571-2672 regarding pricing as well as the proper permitting process. Please note, a special
event application is not necessary for beach weddings.
Parks & Recreation Department 954-480-4429 Community Events & Outreach Department
Parks & Recreation Department 954-571-2672 Beach Weddings
Building Services Division 954-610-1321 Sheila Oliver
Broward Sheriff's Office - Police 954-480-4300 Lt. Brian Montgomery
Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue 954-571-7588 Rich Johnson
Risk Coordinator 954-480-4455 Dayana Gonzalez
Code Enforcement 954-740-3384 Bernard Pita
Community Redevelopment Agency 954-480-4317 Kris Mory
Contact Information
Additional Special Event Permit Information Continued
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Department of Fire Rescue & Emergency Services Fire Marshal's Bureau
- All fire extinguishers must be properly tagged within the State of Florida by a licensed certifying agency.
- Compressed gas tanks, such as helium tanks, must be properly secured to prevent tank from falling
- Tents larger the 10' x 10' must be permitted through the City of Deerfield Beach Building Department.
- Tents and canopies must be fire resistant with proper documentation/tags provided.
- A proper certified fire extinguisher must be present and properly tagged.
- Extension cords must be UL listed for outdoor use (indoor extension cords may not be used outdoor).
- When in a crossing path, they must be properly covered and protected.
- The cords must be free from splices, damage or deterioration and must be grounded.
- Cords must have proper amperage capacity that is not less than the capacity of the appliance.
- All generators must be grounded.
- If larger than 5KW (5000 Watts) an additional permit is required through the City of Deerfield Beach
Building Dept.
- Generators must be 10ft away from any structure, completely surrounded by a barrier and placed on a
firm, flat, level surface outdoors.
- Must be fully fueled prior to use. Refueling may be conducted only when generator has been turned off
and is cool to touch. All fuel being used in the generator must be stored in the proper fuel containers
and properly sealed with appropriate spout covers, caps, etc.
- A proper certified fire extinguisher (minimum 2A:10BC) must be present and properly tagged.
- A 10ft minimum clearance is required on both sides of any cooking vendor and shall not be located
within 10ft of any amusement rides.
- Open flame cooking equipment must be a minimum of 10ft from any structure.
- Cooking areas must be enclosed by approved means from the general public.
- LP tanks will be required to be tested and certified by a licensed person or company and will be
checked in place on the day of the event with paperwork provided to the Fire Department, Fire
Marshal's Bureau when completed.
- LP tanks must be properly secured to prevent the tank from falling over and must be at least 10ft from
any open flame.
- If using a commercial cooking appliance which is self-contained and does not require the LP tank to be
located 10ft away, documentation must be submitted to the Fire Department, Fire Marshal's Bureau for
review prior to event.
- Appliances must be placed on firm, flat and level outdoor surfaces.
- Food preparation and sale (excluding non-profit agencies) must contact the Florida Department of
Business & Professional Regulation, Division of Hotels and Restaurants (850-487-1395) to schedule an
inspection prior to selling food.
- Fire suppression systems in food trucks or trailers must be properly tagged by a State of Florida
certifying agency.
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