Special Education Services (SES)
Check-out Checklist
Psychologist, Intervention/Program Specialist/Clerk
Completed form needs to be sent to special ed. office prior to principal’s last day
Name: Position:
School: Grade Level(s)
Make sure all IEPs done in old format have page 1 entered on IEP PRO
Update campus central files (progress info, etc.) and submit any additional paperwork to
CIA assignments submitted to SES
Projected enrollment form submitted to SES
ESY forms completed and submitted to the ESY coordinator
ESY transportation forms completed and submitted to the ESY coordinator
Annual Data Report submitted to SES
All evaluations completed, typed, and submitted
Psychological logs filled out and submitted to SES
DSC billing completed and submitted to the district office
Special Education testing materials accounted for and locked
Psychological and Central files locked
All exit forms of students not returning to or graduating from district submitted to SES
Reevaluations finished _________________ psychologist
Reevaluation reports typed, turned in to district
Annual IEPs completed, paperwork turned into the district clerk intervention/program
specialists, and psychologists
Files transferred to feeder school
Transportation forms turned into district
Summer address and phone number of
Intervention/program specialist _____________________________
Psychologist _________________________
Dead files reviewed
Initial evaluations finished and reports typed
Initial placement paperwork to district
Transition meetings complete
All changes of placement complete and transitions complete
CIA’s remaining with student? Yes No
Moving with student? Yes No
What school? ____________
If not moving with student, has receiving school been notified?
Yes No
Principal’s Signature Date
Intervention/Support Specialist/Clerk Date
Psychologist Date