Rev 2/28/14 PROFJD-15
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2014-15 School Year
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The Free Applications for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is designed to provide a snapshot of a family’s income and assets to
determine their ability to contribute to the educational costs of their student. For some applicants, this snapshot does not
reflect their current financial situation, due to some extenuating or special family circumstances. By using the Special
Circumstance Form, a Student Financial Aid Advisor can evaluate individual circumstances to help create a more appropriate
financial aid award package. The FAFSA information will be verified prior to making any adjustments.
Your Special Circumstance request cannot be reviewed until all required documentation has been received and you have
completed the FAFSA. Review and processing of this information will take approximately four weeks from the date this
completed form and all supporting documentation are received by our office. You will then be notified through your ATC
campus email when the review has been completed. During high volume times, our office is unable to process special
circumstance request. The blackout periods for 2014-15 are:
Fall Semester: August 2 – September 3
Spring Semester: December 15 – January 20
STEP ONE: Documentation – All students MUST submit the following documentation, regardless of their reason for filing
this request. Failure to submit required documentation will delay processing. If you have already submitted these forms to
our office, they do not need to be submitted again.
Letter documenting the special circumstance
Student 2013 Federal Tax Return Transcript & W2 form(s) or IRS Non-Filer Statement and Income Report
For Dependent Students :
o Dependent Verification Worksheet
o Parent(s) 2013 Federal Tax Return Transcript & W2 form(s) or IRS Non-Filer Statement and Income Report
For Independent Students:
o Independent Verification Worksheet
o Spouse 2013 Federal Tax Return Transcript & W2 form(s) or IRS Non-Filer Statement and Income Report
STEP TWO: Reasons for Filing – Check the box for circumstance(s) that apply to you and submit the additional
documentation as indicated for that circumstance(s).
Special Circumstance Type Documentation Needs
Parent / student / spouse wages in 2014 will be less than in 2013
due to loss of job, change in employment, reduction in hours, or
reduction in pay.
Parent 1 Parent 2 Spouse
Note: Loss of employment will not be reviewed until 2 months have
passed since last date of employment. Loss of overtime and
bonuses will not be considered.
Last check stub(s) from previous employer.
Letter from previous employer stating last
date of employment.
Benefit letter from unemployment.
Severance information, if applicable.
LOSS OF BENEFITS (Child support, unemployment, etc.) after
the FAFSA was filed.
Benefit lost:__________________ Amount:$___________
Letter from agency verifying date and
amount of benefit(s) lost.
Rev 2/28/14 PROFJD-15
Date of divorce or separation: _____________________
Name of Custodial Parent:_______________________
Documentation of separation, divorce or
verification of separate residences.
Documentation of child support, family
support or maintenance support. Include
support that is received or anticipated.
One-time nonrecurring income (such as inheritance, retirement,
IRA distribution, etc) reported on the 2014-15 FAFSA that is no
longer available.
Parent 1 Parent 2 Spouse
Provide documentation of one-time
Signed statement identifying the source of
income and how funds were spent or
DEATH OF PARENT / SPOUSE after the FAFSA was filed.
Parent 1 Parent 2 Spouse
Date of death:__________________________
Legal documentation of death.
Eligible expenses are limited to medical and dental expenses paid
and not reimbursed through insurance or employer-sponsored
cafeteria plans. Expenses must be at least 7.5% of the Adjusted
Gross Income (AGI) to meet the minimum threshold.
Documentation of paid expenses not
covered by insurance or another party.
You disagree with the definition of an Independent Student, as
outlined by the U.S. Department of Education, as it applies to you.
Note: Living independently and not receiving monetary assistance
from your parent(s) does not classify you as an Independent
Student. Parents refuse to contribute to the student’s education
and/or unwilling to provide information on the FAFSA (or for
verification) singly or in combination, does not qualify.
Signed statement describing how you are
independent of your parents and your
housing arrangement while in school and
during breaks.
Three signed personal statements from
individuals not related to you (clergy,
governmental agency, school official, etc)
stating their personal knowledge of you
being independent.
Provide documentation of expense.
STEP THREE: Certification Statement
I certify that the information on this form is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge. If additional documentation is
required, I will submit such documentation or my Special Circumstance Request will be denied. I also understand that if I
give false or misleading information, I may be fined, jailed, or both. I also understand that this information will be used in
accordance with Federal guidelines and may or may not result in adjustments to the student’s financial aid eligibility.
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Spouse Signature:
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Final decision:
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