Speaker/Presenter Agreement
Beloit College
700 College St
Beloit, WI 53511
This will serve as a confirmation of our agreement that _____________________________(The
Speaker/Presenter) will provide the following services for Beloit College:
(date of event)
Speaker/Presenter Responsibilities: _______________________________________________________
Beloit College agrees to provide _____________________________ a payment of $_________(fee) for the
services listed above.
In addition, Beloit College will pay for ___________________________________________________
___________________________________________________________________________________. Beloit
College will reimburse the allowable costs incurred by Beloit College check. Receipts must be received in the
Accounting Office within twenty (20) days. Receipts received after thirty (30) days will not be reimbursed.
All parties acknowledge that _____________________________ is an independent contractor and is not an
employee of Beloit College.
The Speaker/Presenter agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Board of Trustees of Beloit College
and its members, representatives, officers, agents, and employees against any and all claims, demands, costs, and
expenses including attorney fees which any or all of said parties may sustain or incur due to the actions of the
Speaker or his agent or employees.
Beloit College is hereby relieved of any liability if unable to meet the responsibilities of this agreement because of
any event which is caused solely by the effect of nature or natural causes and without any interference by humans
whatsoever, riots, epidemics, strikes, and any act or order of public authority, and other cause similar or dissimilar
beyond Beloit College’s control. Furthermore, if such acts or conditions occur, Beloit is not liable for any
damages that the Lecturer, or authorized representatives incur. The laws of the State of Wisconsin shall in all
respects govern this Agreement.
In the event that Beloit College cancels the performances, except for circumstances out of their control, Beloit
College agrees to pay _____________________________ one half of the above fee.
Photography/Media: Beloit College shall retain the right to photograph said performance for any publication.
The Speaker/Presenter agrees to media interviews and coverage, in print or broadcast media, of his/her
appearance at Beloit. The Speaker/Presenter also agrees to allow the college to live stream the presentation
online; record and rebroadcast the lecture or performance on Beloit’s web page (www.Beloit.edu) and associated
web channels (such as its branded YouTube account), as well as rebroadcast the lecture on public radio and
The parties below have caused this Agreement to be executed on the dates set forth below.
February 2016
Beloit Representative’s Signature _______________________________ Date _________________
Print/Type Name: ___________________________________
Speaker/Presenter’s Signature _________________________________ Date __________________
Print/Type Name: ___________________________________
* Any contract over $5,000 must also be signed by the Vice President for Finance & Planning
VP Finance & Planning’s Signature ______________________________ Date __________________
Print/Type Name: ___________________________________