UAFS-College of Communication, Languages, Arts, and Social Sciences-Minor-Spanish 2021-2022 Catalog
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Spanish-Minor Code: A008
See your advisor to declare your minor
The prerequisites and corequisites of the degree requirements are subject to change.
Required nine hours:
SPAN 2313 Intermediate Spanish II or
SPAN 2323 Intermediate Spanish II for Heritage Speakers 3 Hours Grade_____
SPAN 3013 Spanish Grammar 3 Hours Grade_____
SPAN 3063 Advanced Composition 3 Hours Grade_____
Select nine hours from the following (at least three hours must be upper-level):
SPAN 2303 Intermediate Spanish I 3 Hours Grade_____
FORL 2552 Language Practice (Spanish) 2 Hours Grade_____
SPAN 2833 Spanish for the Professions 3 Hours Grade_____
SPAN 3003 Phonetics and Pronunciation 3 Hours Grade_____
SPAN 3023 Spanish Conversation 3 Hours Grade_____
SPAN 3053 Cultural Readings 3 Hours Grade_____
SPAN 3333 Spanish-American Literature and
Civilizations 3 Hours Grade_____
SPAN 3343 Literature and Civilizations of Spain 3 Hours Grade_____
SPAN 3553 Immersion in a Spanish Speaking Region or
SPAN 4953 Spanish Internship 3 Hours Grade_____
SPAN 405V Special Topics 1-3 Hours Grade_____
SPAN 4023 Advanced Conversation 3 Hours Grade_____
SPAN 4053 Topics in Culture 3 Hours Grade_____
SPAN 4153 Topics in Literature 3 Hours Grade_____
SPAN 4603 Spanish Linguistics 3 Hours Grade_____
SPAN 464V Spanish Independent Study 3 Hours Grade_____
Total Hours: 18
Transfer Course Information
The Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS) contains information about the transferability of courses within Arkansas public colleges and
universities. Students are guaranteed the transfer of applicable credits and the equitable treatment of the application of credits for the admissions
and degree requirements. Courses transferability is not guaranteed for courses listed in ACTS as "No Comparable Courses." ACTS-Arkansas Course
Transfer System
-select Course Transfer. See Acceptance of Transfer Credits section of the current academic catalog for a
complete list of transfer provisions.
Student Degree Program Requirements.
A student’s degree program requirements are those specified in the catalog in effect at the time of declaration of program minor. Students must
meet the above program requirements and the graduation requirements as indicated by institutional and college policy. The program can be
changed only with the approval of the official advisor. If original courses are eliminated, students may be required to meet new curriculum
requirements in the degree program. If students are not enrolled for two or more consecutive terms (excluding summer terms), they must re-enter
under the program requirements of the current catalog. Students are responsible for understanding program requirements and changes. This
document is not official until signed and dated by both the student and an authorized university representative.
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