Southwest Virginia Community College
Academic Progress Plan
Aid Year: ___________
Financial Aid & Student Accounts Support
Call 276-964-7755 or 276-964-7756 Revised 02/2020
Federal regulations require that a student receiving financial aid make satisfactory academic progress in
accordance with the standards set by the college and federal government. Students who fail to meet
SAP standards can appeal the financial aid suspension. Please complete the enclosed appeal form and
student statement. When completed, you will need to make an appointment with your Academic
Counselor for counseling and to create an individual Academic Progress Plan.
Student ______________________
EMPL ID# ______________________
Major ______________________
VCCS Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy states that students on probation must meet the
requirements of the VCCS SAP Policy OR the requirements of the Academic Progress Plan approved by
the SWCC Financial Aid Office.
SAP Requirements: (Process for an appeal)
1) Students must take this form and meet with their Academic Counselor who will provide a listing
of classes needed to graduate. (Counselors are located in the Student Success Center in
Buchanan Hall)
2) Student returns information to Financial Aid Advisor, Diane Jackson, who determines if student
is placed on probation with an approved Academic Progress Plan.
_________________________ ________________________
SWCC Academic Counselor Financial Aid Advisor
_________________________ ________________________
Student Date
_____ 150%
Financial Aid will only pay for classes required to graduate.
_____ 67%
Has not completed at least 67% of enrolled courses.
_____ GPA
Does not meet required 2.0 GPA.