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Rev. July 2017
What is a Preferred First Name?
Some students are known by a first name that is different from their legal first name. To accommodate these students,
a preferred first name option can be used in select locations. After approval, the preferred first name will appear in
Blackboard. Use of preferred first name on your college ID is optional.
Required Use of Legal First Name: In some instances the students’ legal name must be used. Legal names will always
appear on all external reports and documents including, but not limited to, hiring paperwork, paychecks, account
payable checks, student billing, financial aid forms, tax forms, official College transcripts, official diplomas and any other
documents required by law. Legal first names can only be changed when students pursue a legal name change with
state and/or federal authorities and then submit documentation to the Records Office.
This form must be submitted in person to the Records Office in the 100 Building. The College reserves the right to
approve or disapprove preferred first name change requests. After processing, you will receive a confirmation email to
your Tunxis student email account from the Registrar’s Office.
Student ID # @____________________________ Date of Birth: ________________________
Office Use Only:
Date Received _________ Date Entered ________________ By _________________________
Tunxis Community College Records Office
271 Scott Swamp Road ● Farmington, CT 06032-3187
Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education
Preferred First Name
Last First MI
Student’s Signature
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