Solid Waste Adjustment Request
If the property is vacant, and per Chapter 26-34 of the City of Tampa Code of Ordinances,
“There may be a refund of service charges, not to exceed charges assessed for a one-year
period, for total vacancy of the premises, provided that the owner of the premises requests the
refund from the department in writing and the department determines that no service has
been rendered to the premises for the period for which the refund is requested. No refunds or
credits are authorized for partial vacancies of sixty (60) days or less.”
Complete the entire form and send via US Mail to 3901 E 26th Avenue, Tampa, FL 33605
(location not accessible to the public) or fax it to (813) 274-8358. A request must be submitted
every month thereafter if the property remains vacant.
Please do not subtract the garbage charge from your utility bill!
Today’s Date: ______________________________
Utility Account Number: __________________________________
Service Address: ___________________________________________________
Name on Account: __________________________________________________
Reason for Vacancy Request:
Does this property have multiple units? YES NO
If yes, how many units are vacant? __________________
Provide the date each unit became vacant:_________________________________
Retroactive solid waste service charges may be assessed by the Department if the statements
are found not to be legitimate.
Signature: _______________________________________________
Department Solid Waste &
Environmental Program Management
Mark C. Wilfalk, Director
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