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EF provider fact sheet
An EF Provider fact sheet must be completed by the EF Provider for all contracted EF provision in each Local Employability Partnership (LEP) Area in line
with their contract allocation. A separate fact sheet must be completed for each Stage oered by the EF Provider. The EF Provider must submit the
completed fact sheets to their SDS Skills Investment Adviser for approval no later than 7 days after written acceptance of the contract. Once approved
the EF Provider must promptly circulate to all EF referring organisations in the LEP area.
EF provider name
Title of EF Provision
Local Employability Partnership (LEP) Area
EF Stage (Tick appropriate stage. Please note that a separate fact sheet is required for each stage)
Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Number of EF places available (Insert number of contracted places for the selected stage)
Age 16-17 Age 18+
Local provider contact details (This should be the local contact for the day to day enquiries from EF referring organisations in the LEP area)
Address and postcode
EF provider contact name tel no. email
Website (if applicable)
Location of EF provision (If dierent from above. If multiple locations are used please detail e.g. 4 weeks in training centre and 2 weeks work placement)
Days and hours per week and anticipated duration of EF provision (Number of hours, days and mode of attendance indicating start and nish times, length
of the course and whether it is continuous or exible e.g. 6 weeks continuous or 8-12 weeks depending on progress. Please note this must not exceed the maximum
length of stay outlined in the EF rules)
Start dates (Including number of places for each start date or timescales if a rolling programme)
Referral arrangements and requirements (How EF provider wishes to be notied by referring organisation)
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1 April 2018
Appendix 14
Midlothian Council - Lifelong Learning and Employability
Care Academy
Lifelong Learning and Employability, Fairfield House, 8 Lothian Road, Dalkeith, EH22 3ZG
Dennis Dunne
0131 561 5390
Lifelong Learning and Employability, 1 Eskdaill Court, Dalkeith, EH22 1AG - there may be other venues during the duration of the programme.
Approximately 12 days of placement work experience throughout the programme (including one full week's work experience). Work placements
within the Health and Social Care Sector - mainly with employers based in Midlothian.
The programme is a six week Sector Based Work Academy. Training hours 9.30 - 4.00 Monday to Thursday and 9.30 - 12.30 on Friday. Example
of work experience placement activity which may change depending on requirement of employer - Week 2 (one day), Week 3 (two days), Week 4
(three days) Week 5 (five days) and Week 6 (one day including placement review and evaluation).
Participants will be PVG checked prior to the start of the programme - LLE will cover the cost of the PVG check
17 September 2018
Referrals send to Karen Peacock and Lorne McCall via encrypted e-mails to the following e-mail address - karen.peacock@midlothian .gov. uk and
lorne.mccall@midlothian.gov.uk once referrer has pre-checked eligibility for EF funding and with the completed accompanying Eligibility Confirmation.
Referral agencies - DWP, SDS, other EF providers and named local authority employers.
Employability Fund
EF provider fact sheet
Aim of provision (e.g. To prepare attendees for employment by providing underpining knowledge of a particular sector and to provide the basic skills for that sector”)
Content of EF provision (Please include as much detail as possible e.g. pre recruitment training for a specic sector, job focussed training, employability provision,
core skills, summary of support for personal development and info on work experience element)
Certication (Detail all certicates that are available as part of the EF provision and the organisation that is accredited to deliver the certicate. If EF provision contains
units/modules at dierent SCQF levels, the overall level should equate to the majority of provision (50%+)
Name/Code (if appropriate) of Unit/Module/SCQF rate qualication
(where the qualication is not SCQF credit rates please include a
brief description)
Organisation accredited to deliver the
SCQF level SCQF credit
Overall level Total credit points
Proposed outcomes and potential progression routes on successful completion
(Detail linkages to other local opportunities and progression towards FE, MA,
Additional information (Any extra information or notes regarding the EF provision e.g. application and administration requirements, minimum number of referrals
EF Provider Declaration
I ensure that the information in this EF fact sheet is accurate and supported by a SDS contract for the EF. I have written approval from an SDS Skills
Investment Adviser on the content of this EF fact sheet. I agree to make this fact sheet available to all EF referring organisations in the relevant
LEP area.
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1 April 2018
The course will provide an in-depth overview of what is expected of those working in the Care Sector, which focuses on providing knowledge, experience
and employability skills such as creating CV's, Job Applications and general job search techniques (including Internet and E-mail). This will help ensure that
participants are equipped to compete in the labour market. There is an intensive work experience element which ensures the participant receives practical
experience of working in a care environment. There is also a guaranteed interview on the last day of the work experience placement. Placement hours may
vary depending on placement providers requirements.
The programme content includes - National Care Standards, SSSC Values and Codes of Practice, Person Centered Care, Infection Control, Mental Health
Awareness, Communication in Care, Dementia Awareness, Nutrition for the Elderly, Loss and Grief, Emergency First Aid, Personal Statements, Stress
Management, Equality and Diversity, Interview Techniques, Core Skills training, There is also a practical work experience element that forms part of the
programme - this is approximately 12 days of placement activity (including one full week's work experience) with Care Sector employers.
Employment - placements are sourced by LLE staff and are with those employers who are looking to recruit. At the end of the programme there is a
guaranteed interview with the prospect of employment if the required level of performance was achieved during the programme.
Award in Emergency First Aid at Work (GNOT 46)
Core Skills ICT SCQF 4 (F3GC 10)
Core Skills: Working with Others SCQF 4 (F3GE 10)
Training allowance and expenses paid to eligible participants.
LLE provide an aftercare service which is available to all participants.
- On completion of their programme participants can attend the weekly Job Club to continue to get support to search for and apply for
- One to one support is also available with tutors on an appointment basis
Participants will be PVG checked prior to placement - this is an industry requirement
18 April 2018
Dennis Dunne