Cooperative Education
Site Visit Report
Please complete this form and mail to:
Robert A. Henderson, Director of Cooperative Education, Manchester Community College, Great Path, MS #8, P.O. Box 1046, Manchester, CT 06045-1046
Email: Phone: 860-512-3312 Fax: 860-512-3371
Student Name Date of Visit
Academic Program Site Visit Evaluator Name
July 2017/PR
Does student work as part of a team? Independently? What percentage of time is spent with supervisor?
How has the student’s work performance been? Strengths and weaknesses?
Are there any skills or subject matter that the college might emphasize in the instruction of this student?
How is this experience contributing to the career development of the student?
Any general comments of the work experience program?
Other comments or suggestions?
Supervisor Name, Title Site Name
Was the student academically prepared for the job? Did you see evidence of classroom theories being applied to the work in this position? Was the student administratively prepared for the
job (i.e. interviewing skills/resume writing skills)?
July 2017/PR
Is the student receiving adequate supervision? Is the supervisor accessible?
Are objectives stated in the learning objectives being met?
Is hands-on experience making classroom-learned theory clearer?
What is the student being exposed to on the job that she/he would not be in the classroom? What courses have been most applicable to the co-op experience?
Is the student satisfied with the Co-op program and the way it is run?
Would the student like to return to or continue in same organization as either a work-experience student or a full-time employee?
What are the student’s feelings about the work experience? Is she/he learning what they had hoped to?
Other comments or suggestions?
Do other employees accept the student as part of a team?
Did the student feel academically prepared for the work experience (i.e. classroom theories)? Did the student feel administratively prepared for the job (i.e. interviewing skills/resume
writing skills)?
Student Name
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