City of Bedford
Planning & Zoning Department
Site Plan
Application Packet
For the
Planning & Zoning Commission
Site Plan Application
Proposed Number of Lots: __
Gross Acres:
Existing Zoning:
Proposed Zoning:
Existing Use: _______ Proposed Use:
Application Requirements: The applicant is required to submit sufficient information that describes and justifies the proposal.
See appropriate checklist and fee schedule for minimum requirements. Incomplete applications will not be processed.
Applicant: Company:
Address: Tel: Fax:
City: State: ZIP: Email:
Applicant’s Status:
(check one) Owner Representative Tenant Prospective Buyer
Property Owner: Company:
Address: Tel: Fax:
City: State: ZIP: Email:
Ownership Status: (check one) Individual Trust Partnership Corporation
(Letter of authorization required if signature is other than property owner)
The property owner must sign the application or submit a notarized letter of authorization.
Departmental Use Only
Total Fee(s):
Date Submitted:
City of
Project Address (Location):
Case #:
DRC Date:
Public Hearing Date:
Legal Description:
INSTRUCTIONS: Site plans are required for all building sites in residential and non-residential zoning districts.
The Planning & Zoning Department and Development Review Committee review each
site plan application
partially based on the items on the following checklist. The applicant is encouraged to meet with a Development
Planning & Zoning staff member to detemine the extent of plans needed for review. Every application must be
accompanied by a complete set of plans and drawings.
The information below is a summary of the plans and drawings required for submittal. Complete details are
stated in the City of Bedford Development Code. The Development Code is available free on-line at
Ten (10) FOLDED, NOT STAPLED, (24x 36”) copies of Site Plan/Landscape Plan(s). Sets of plans must be submitted
for initial review by the Development Review Committee.
Each set must contain the following information:
COVER TITLE SHEET - includes all pertinent summary project data.
PLAT - a copy of the recorded final plat of the property may be obtained at the Tarrant County Clerk's office.
SITE PLAN includes site perimeter, building footprint(s), site features, sidewalks, parking and signs.
ENGINEERING PLANS* - including grading, critical elevations, soil erosion, drainage and utility layout and details.
*Please contact the Public Works Department at 817-952-2200 for engineering plan requirements
LANDSCAPE PLAN includes all existing and proposed vegetation, irrigation plan, and tree mitigation plan (existing tree
survey may be on separate sheet and mitigation plan may be a written statement).
BUILDING FAÇADE ELEVATIONS - elevations of all facades must be submitted for review.
One (1) electronic copy (PDF) of the Site Plan/Landscape Plan(s).
One (1) reduced copy (8 ½” x 11) of Site Plan/Landscape Plan(s).
One (1) CD copy of all supporting documents
A. Cover Sheet Requirement
The following items must be shown on the cover sheet for all site plan & landscape plan submittals.
The sheet size may be 11”x17”, 18”x24”, or 24”x36”
Table of contents listing each page and sheet number
Title stating “Site Plan & Landscape Plan”
Project name and address
Name, address and phone number of the property owner, developer, and architect/planner
month and year of plan preparation
Vicinity map showing nearby major roads and site location within the community
B. Site Plan Drawing
following is a general summary of the Site Plan requirements. Refer to Section 5.4 of the Bedford Development
Code for complete requirements.
North arrow and written and graphic scale. Minimum scale is 1” = 100’
All pertinent site dimensions, including perimeter, open space, utility lines, easements, roadways, sidewalks, fire lanes, and
public rights-of-way
Location of all existing and proposed buildings and structures, with dimensions, including the distance between multiple
buildings and distance from property lines
Location of all drive approaches, paved surfaces, and parking spaces
City of
00 Forest Ridge Dr.
TX 76021
Location of other proposed features such as fountains, signs, and landscaped areas
All adjacent property lines, zoning, land uses and streets
Application Fee: The Site Plan application fee is $205.00, plus $205.00 per acre exceeding one (1) acre.
$205.00 + ($205.00 x [# of acres]) = total amount due
The application fee is NOT REFUNDABLE to the owner/applicant regardless of the action taken by the Planning
& Zoning Commission on the requested site plan.
Site Data Table that includes the following information
a. Lot Area
b. Building Area
c. Parking Required
d. Parking Provided
e. Zoning of Property
f. Proposed Land Use
g. Current Land Use
h. Landscape Area Required
i. Landscape Area Provided
j. Building Height
k. Parking and Building Area
l. Percent of Lot Coverage
C. Landscape and Irrigation Plans
The following
is a general summary of the Landscape Plan requirements. Refer to Section 5.6 of the Bedford
Development Code. Trees that are proposed to be removed are subject to replacement.
Plans must be signed by a landscape architect/professional and approved by the Building Official
Location of all proposed site features, screens, walls and fences, including height and type of construction material
Location of all existing trees, 3-caliper-inch in size or larger, with size and species, indicating which trees will be preserved
or removed (tree removal may be subject to replacement provisions)
Legend detailing list of trees provided with symbol, size, species and quantity (table format)
Legend detailing list of shrubs provided with symbol, size, species and quantity (table format)
Legend detailing type of ground cover vegetation in open space areas
Site Data Table that includes the following information
a. Area of site in square feet
b. Area and percent of total of landscaped area required and provided, in square feet
c. Number of street frontage trees provided (one 3-inch tree per 40 feet of street frontage)
d. Number of street shrubs provided (one 5-gallon shrub per 5 feet of street frontage)
e. Number of trees provided for each parking space (one 3-inch tree per 18 parking spaces)
Written description of maintenance provisions
A 20-foot greenbelt with evergreen landscaping 6-foot on center adjacent to all residential zoning districts
Irrigation plan showing general layout of water system and placement of water sources including sprinklers and meters
Written specifications of irrigation system
D. Engineering Plans
The following is a summary of the general
items reviewed by the Public Works Department on site plan submittals.
Contact the Public Works Department at 817-952-2200 for engineering requirements.
-ground physical features, l
ocation of existing streets, railroads, tree groupings, and rock outcroppings, etc. on
and adjacent to
the subject property
Ponds, water courses, wetlands, drainage areas and other significant water features
Location and size of existing and proposed surface and subsurface drainage facilities
Location of existing and future 100-year flood plain limits within the subject property
Preliminary Drainage Analysis, including the calculation of drainage areas, time of concentration, storm water runoff rates for
a 100-year storm event, and detention calculations for pre- and post-improved conditions
Topographic information in contours of 2-feet, together with any proposed grade elevations
All points of vehicular and pedestrian ingress, egress and circulation within the property. Any special traffic regulating
facilities, proposed or required, to assure safe access and circulation
Appropriate permits required by the Texas Department of Transportation for any proposed construction within State right-
of-way or drive approaches
layout and d
ncluding ADA ramps
Erosion Control P
lan f
or the period of construction
Storm W
ater Pollution Prevention Plan for the period of construction
Supplemental District Regulations
All buildings constructed in non-residential zoning districts must meet the minimum district regulations contained in Chapter
5 of the Bedford Development Code.
The applicant is encouraged to review Chapter 5 of the Bedford Development Code,
and/or meet with the Planning & Zoning Department or Building Inspections Department to review the plans of the project.