Simple Tax Organizer
To make your tax appointment as easy and painless as possible,
complete each applicable section below and bring the selected
items to your next appointment with us.
Tax documents
See what documents apply to you; bring those with you to your appointment.
Applicable tax documents
All 1099s (for interest, dividends, from brokerage accounts, social security, retirement
accounts, unemployment, state tax refund, miscellaneous income)
W-2G (gambling income)
K-1s (partnerships, S-corporations, estates, trusts)
Documents showing student loan interest paid
Documents showing HSA contributions and distributions
1099Q (withdrawals from an education account)
1098T (tuition paid)
1099A or 1099C (abandonment or foreclosure of property, cancellation of debt)
Closing statements on any property purchased or sold
Documents on any other income you received
Legal papers for adoptions, divorce or separation
Tax notices received from IRS or state taxing authorities
Receipts for Arizona Tax Credit donations (if you are not sure, bring them in)
Copy of last year's tax return if not prepared by us
Tax payments
Complete this section if you make estimated tax payments. Please provide the dates
and amounts of payments sent in.
Record any Federal tax payments made Record any State tax payments made
$ Date $
$ Date $
$ Date $
$ Date $
Client's name
Status update
An easy checklist that helps us understand what we need to discuss with you.
Check if any of the following apply to you
My marital status has changed.
My dependents have changed.
My spouse and I both work or are students and we paid for dependent care.*
I added solar energy equipment go my primary residence.*
I contributed money to a retirement plan.
I have foreign investments or bank accounts.
I have previously been denied Earned Income Credit.
I paid for education for myself, spouse or dependent.
I loaned money to someone with a legal promissory note and it is now uncollectible.
*Please bring receipts if you checked these items