Sign Permit Application
Sussex County, Delaware
Sussex County Planning & Zoning Department
2 The Circle (P.O. Box 417) Georgetown, DE 19947
302-855-7878 ph. 302-854-5079 fax
Wall Off-Premise Billboard
If Illuminated EMC: Y N
Total Square Footage:
Property Zoning:
Applicant email:
Sign Type: On-Premise Ground
Name of Business:
Sign Dimensions:
Number of Sign Facings:
Tax Map #:
Applicant Information
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City, State, Zip:
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Owner Information
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Wall signs § 115-159.5 (A) (5) (All Zoning Districts)
150 sq. feet or 15% of the total square footage of the wall area on which the signs are located,
whichever is greater.
Ground signs § 115-159.5 (A) (6)
Survey required if within the following:
Front yard setback 5 ft.
Side yard setback 20 ft. or 25 ft. from the right-of-way of an intersection
100 ft. of a dwelling, church, school or public lands
§ 115-159.5 (A) (4)
Max sign area 200 sq. feet of sign area per side
Billboards (off-premises signs) § 115-159.5 (B)
Permitted in C-1, CR-1, LI-1, LI-2 or HI-1 ZONING DISTRICTS ONLY
Special Use Exception required from the Board of Adjustment
DeIDOT approval letter required
No side-by-side or stacked signs permitted
Max sign area 300 sq. ft. per side (600 sq. ft. total) under 4 lane roads
Max sign area 600 sq. ft. per side (1200 sq. ft. total) on 4 or more lane roads
Survey required showing the following.
50 ft. separation distance from an on premise sign
Front yard setback 40 ft.
Side yard setback 50 ft.
Rear yard setback equal to rear yard setback of Zoning District
150 ft. from edge property line from a dwelling, church, school or public lands
Roads which have less than 4 travel lanes (excluding turn lanes)
Max height 25 ft.
600 ft. separation distance from another billboard measured as a radius
Roads which have 4 or more travel lanes (excluding turn lanes) (Rt1, Rt113, Rt13)
Max height 35 ft.
600 ft. separation distance from another billboard measured linear on roads 4 lanes
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Non-conforming signs Damage by natural causes
115-161.1 (A)
May be replaced as it was before within 1 year of damage
Electronic Message Centers (EMC's)
on premises sign § 115-161.1 (A)
Max sign area 200 sq. feet of sign area per side
Permitted In C-1, CR-1, LI-1, LI-2, HI-1, B1, M and UB. Zoning Districts only
NOT permitted in AR-1, AR-2, GR, MR, UR, HR-1, and HR-2 Zoning Districts unless specifically
permitted as part of a conditional use.
No continuous scrolling, flashing, live action or live streaming.
115-161 (B) (5B)
No illuminated sign, including Electronic Message Centers, shall have a maximum illuminance
level greater than 0.3 foot candles above ambient light, as measured using a foot candle
meter, or similar technology, at a pre-set distance. Pre-set distances to measure the foot
candle impact vary with expected viewing distances of each sign size.