Revised 07/19
Sidewalk/Curb Application
This permit is required only for work performed in the City of San Antonio’s Right of Way and does not include flatwork inside property lines.
Date: ________________ Owner/Business Name: ____________________________
Address: _________________________________________ Building #: _____ Suite #: ______
Residential Commercial New Existing
A City of San Antonio sidewalk/curb/drive approach permit is not required if:
The work performed is on a private/non-public street. For example, work in a gated community.
The work performed in TxDoT right of way.
Is this application in conjunction with a building permit? Y N If yes, what is the AP #?
_____ (Initials) I understand that prior to commencing work in the City’s right of way, I must obtain approval from TCI Right of Way.
Phone Number: 210-542-8921 or 210-207-6949.
Scope of Work
Sidewalk(s): Number of sidewalks ______ [Note: excluding sidewalk area in the driveway approach and on private property]
#1: Frontage street ____________________ Dimensions: (Length) ft. by (Width) ft. = ______ sq. ft.
#2: Frontage street ____________________ Dimensions: (Length) ft. by (Width) ft. = ______ sq. ft.
Curb(s): Number of curbs
#1: Frontage street ____________________ Dimensions: ______ Linear ft.
#2: Frontage street ____________________ Dimensions: ______ Linear ft.
Drive Approach(es): Number of drive approaches ________
#1: Frontage street_____________________ Dimensions: ____ Square feet
#2: Frontage street_____________________ Dimensions: ____ Square feet
Are you adding a second or additional drive approach? Y N If yes, a Traffic review will be required.
Fee Calculation: $.15 per square foot of sidewalk & drive approach and/or $.15 per linear feet of curb or a minimum of $50.00.
3% Technology fee and 3% Development Services Fee will always be applied.
Additional reviews (may be) required for any of the following:
Residential Driveway is proposed out to a collector or an arterial street.
Residential Driveway exceeding 20 feet in width or over 200 square feet.
Commercial Driveway exceeding 24 feet in width, over 200 square feet, or is not associated with a commercial building project.
Contractor: ____________________________________________ Contractor ID #: _______________________
Registered Contractor Name: ______________________________ City Lic. Reg. #: _______________________
Authorized Agent Name: _________________________________ COSA AC #: _________________________
Escrow: Y N
Phone #: ________________________ Email: ______________________________________
By signing the following, I understand the limitation to this permit listed above and possible requirement to remove work if non-compliant.
I, also affirm that a permit for sidewalks, curbs, and drive approaches must be purchased and must pass inspection before the concrete is
poured. Issuance of this permit is valid only for work within the public parkway between the property line and a paved street/alley or the
City Right of Way:
Applicant’s Printed Name: __________________________ Applicant’s Signature:
Please note: The City of San Antonio only enforces City, State and Federal zoning and development ordinances and statutes and does not enforce
covenants and deed restrictions (CC&Rs). It is imperative and incumbent upon you the applicant to verify the existence of any CC&Rs that may be
applicable to your project. See Information Bulletin 234 for additional information.
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