National Reining Horse Association
You have been selected as the representative for the show named herein:
Show Name Location (city, state) 1st day of show
The NRHA show representative has defined responsibilities as outlined in the 2019 NRHA Handbook, Show
Rules and Regulations, Sec. G Show Approval, Rule 12. To help you better understand these duties, NRHA
has listed certain do’s and don’ts for our show representatives. Reading this list does NOT replace reading the
AN NRHA Show Representative MUST:
Maintain professional conduct and attire during show hours.
Submit any protests to the NRHA Office within 15 days of the actual incident, and/or within 15 days of
having gained knowledge of the incident. Protests must be filed separate from the representative report
Submit NRHA representative report within 15
days of the conclusion of the event.
Be on the grounds at all times during the NRHA approved portion of the event or appoint an alternate
representative for any time that you are absent from the show grounds.
Keep record of how many hours each judge actually judges. (Doesn’t include breaks.)
Report any abuse observed on the show grounds; the judge(s) may ask the show representative to
include a report on abuse on the show rep form. Any member or person in attendance may request that
an incident of abuse be reported on the show rep form.
Communicate to the judges when requested to do so by show management or exhibitors; some judgment
regarding appropriate communication needs to be exercised.
Report unprofessional conduct (in writing to be included in the show rep report); including but not
limited to, drunkenness, foul language, or unsportsmanlike conduct.
In the event of an exhibitor problem or crisis, discuss the situation with the judge(s) to determine and
communicate a solution.
If abuse or unsportsmanlike conduct is reported, include name(s) of individual(s) involved in the alleged
incident along with all witnesses. Make sure to write detailed notes explaining the situation.
NRHA Show Representative MUST NOT:
Advise judges in judging skills, techniques, etc.
Suggest any opinion(s) as to judging any performance.
Remember the judge(s) is/are the hired
official(s) and the final word on NRHA rules of judging. No person should try to assume a coaching
position over the judge(s).
Offer opinion(s) to exhibitors or show management – only give facts.
Act on behalf of NRHA or its Board of Directors as a decision maker; or represent yourself to an
antagonistic party as representing Board opinion.
Display unprofessional conduct during the course of duties as a show representative.
I have read and understand all duties required of show representatives. I have answered all of the questions on
the back of this report to my fullest knowledge and honesty.
Signature of Show Representative Date
If you have any questions call the NRHA Show Department at 405-946-7400.
Show #(s)
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Did show management follow the program as outlined in the Premium List and/or in the Approved Show
section of the NRHA Reiner? Yes No (If no, please provide details)
Did show management (manager, secretary, other staff) operate the show (NRHA approved classes) in
strict accordance with the NRHA rulebook? Yes No (If no, please provide details)
3. Were the ground conditions suitable? Yes No (If no, please provide details)
Did show management attempt to maintain the ground before and during the event?
Yes No (If no, please provide details)
Was the event ran as quickly and smoothly as possible?
Yes No (If no, please provide details)
6. Was there a significant spectator audience? Yes No (If no, please provide details)
Were contestants, judges and show management courteous to you at all times?
Yes No (If no, please provide details)
8. Did you assist show management, exhibitors and judge(s) with all problems that arose? Please provide
details. Yes No
9. Were the actions of all the exhibitors at the horse show always in the best interest of the sport of reining?
Yes No (If no, please provide details)
10. Was the show video taped by a professional? Yes (If yes, who?) No
Did the judge(s) act in a professional manner at all times? Yes
No (If no, please provide details)
Was show management or a representative present at all times when the judge(s) interacted with any
exhibitor or attendee with relationship to exhibitors? Yes No (If no, please provide
13. Report the “no scores” which occurred and the cause of the “no score”.
Yes No
14. Did any judge actually judge (not including breaks) over the 12 hour limit?
If YES, please provide details, including how many hours over?
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