Set Design Terminology
Task 1- Match the following words to the definition, linked to set design:
cyclorama End on Back cloth
scale Backing flats Auditorium Thrust
Gauze/ scrim Ground plan Raked
Sightlines tabs
Task 2- Write a sentence in the third column which contextualises the word.
Keyword in Context
(e.g. a raked stage slopes
down towards the audience)
Consideration of size.
Angles of visibility for the
White screen at the back of
the stage. Can be projected
onto. Semi-circular (‘cyc’)
Where the audience sit
Incline of the stage or
audience seating
Stage space with audience
on one side.
Cloth flown in behind scenic
Flats behind scenic elements
Technical drawing of stage
Stage space with audience
on three sides.
Scenic cloth used for
vanishing effects
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