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Sequoia and Kings Canyon
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2020 Wilderness Permit Application
Reservations are available for the following trailheads:
Cedar Grove Area (Trails 1-4 in the Wilderness Trip Planner): Lewis Creek, Copper Creek, Woods Creek, Bubbs Creek
Grant Grove Area (Trails 5-8): Redwood Canyon, Sugarloaf, Belle Canyon, JO Pass
Lodgepole Area (Trails 9-12): Twin Lakes, Alta, High Sierra, Pear/Emerald Lake
Foothills Area (Trails 13-15): Middle Fork Kaweah River, Ladybug, and Garfield Grove
Mineral King Area (Trails 16-25): Paradise Ridge, Timber Gap, Sawtooth Pass, Atwell-Hockett, Tar Gap, Mosquito Lake,
Eagle Lake, White Chief, Farewell Gap, Franklin Pass
Reservation applications are accepted from 12:01am (PST), March 1 to mid-September. Applications received outside of this time frame will not be
processed. Applications must be received a minimum of two weeks in advance of a trip’s start date.
For more information, visit or call 559-565-3766.
Trip Information
List alternate entry dates and/or trails, in order of preference, in case your first choice is unavailable. Your entire party must
start on the entry date at the entry trail listed on your permit. Exit dates and exit trails can be estimated.
Entry Date Entry Trail Exit Date Exit Trail
Preferred number of people in group: Minimum number of people acceptable: Number of stock animals:
Is this a guided/organized group? If yes, group name:
To find out if your group requires a Special Use Permit (SUP) or a Commercial Use Authorization(CUA),
or if additional fees apply call 559-565-4235.
Trip Leader Information
Name Address
City State Zip
Daytime phone Email (for confirmation letter)
Reservations require payment of $10 per permit, plus $5 per person. Fees are non-refundable once they have been
processed. Once your reservation has been booked we will send you a link to Pay.Gov so you can complete payment. You
will have 10 days from reciept of the link to complete payment or your reservation will be cancelled. DO NOT send credit
card information via email with this application.
Submit Applications Mail: Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks Email:
Wilderness Permit Reservations
47050 Generals Hwy #60
Three Rivers, CA 93271
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Wilderness Permit Reservation Instructions
Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks
Step 1: Fill out and email the application form.
Fill out the form electronically and email it to the address above. Please include a daytime phone number to avoid delays
with your reservation. Use the Wilderness Trip Planner on our website to find trailhead names. Only one application is
needed per group. (Duplicate applications may result in duplicate, non-refundable charges.) To reserve more than one trip,
fill out a separate application for each trip. The Wilderness Office processes applications in the order they are received.
Applications received prior to 12:01am March 1 will not be processed.
Step 2: Payment of the $10 per permit plus, $5 per person wilderness camping fee will be through Pay.Gov.
Upon completion of your booking we will email you a link to our Pay.Gov payment form. In the email you will be given a
permit ID number that you will use to pay for your reservation. Payment can be made by credit or debit card, bank account
(ACH), Amazon or PayPal account. The fee is not refundable, not transferable to other parties or future years, and not for
re-sale. You will have 10 days from receipt of the link to complete payment or your reservation will be canceled.
Step 3: Read and print your Pay.Gov confirmation letter.
Step 4: Speak with a ranger to obtain your permit by email. Your confirmation letter is not a wilderness permit
and cannot be used for overnight travel. No walk-up permits will be issued. All permits will be issued by email. The week
before your trip, rangers will contact you by phone at the number provided in your reservation application. Plan to spend up to
15 minutes to provide your itinerary, verify fee payment, and receive an orientation. Rangers will review minimum impact
requirements to protect the wilderness, provide updates on trail conditions and safety issues, and answer any other
questions. Following the orientation, rangers will email the completed wilderness permit. Wilderness travelers will need to print
their permit and carry it with them on their wilderness trip.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I make changes to my trip after my application is processed?
Changes to the entry date or trail and increases in group size must be made at least one week before your entry date. Additional
people will incur an addtional $5/person fee if quota space is available. Any additional changes result in a $10 processing fee.
(Changes to reduce group size can be made at any time with no additional cost.) Once processed the fee is not refundable.
When are permits required? When are entry trail quotas in place?
Permits are required year-round for all overnight wilderness trips. Daily entry-trail quotas and fees are in place from the Friday before
Memorial Day through late September. Outside the quota period, permits are self-issued at visitor centers or permit stations. Permits
are not required for day hikes. Permits for the Lakes Trail (to Emerald and Pear Lakes) will be reservable with a daily entry quota and 2
night length of stay limit.
Are there limits on group sizes?
The maximum group size is 15 people,10 in Redwood Canyon, and 12 when traveling off maintained trails (In certain areas group size
limit of 8 when off maintained trails). Your group must use the entry trail on the entry date shown in the confirmation letter, and travel
together throughout the trip. If your group is larger than 15, you must split into smaller groups that travel and camp at least ½-mile
apart. Please be aware of changes to party size limits when traveling with stock. You can find more information in the Wilderness Trip
For more wilderness information, including specific restrictions and requirements related to camping, campfires, and portable animal-
resistant food-storage containers, visit our website at Have a great trip!