Separated Employee Form
Please complete this entire form, print the form and submit it to the Wesley College IT Department
Separated Employee Information
1. Employee Name 2. Job Title 3. Effective Date
4. Name of Supervisor 5. Department
Separated Employee Technical Information
Unless otherwise requested, e-mail and files will be held for 30 days and then deleted. Access to all software programs will be removed.
Equipment will be wiped or reloaded and prepared for a potential replacement employee.
If the employee has a laptop or cellular phone belonging to Wesley College, the IT Department may take ownership of the equipment until
a replacement employee needed the equipment is hired.
6. Status of e-mail
delete the e-mail
hold the e-mail account
7. If e-mail is being held, who should have access to it?
8. Status of personal files
delete the files
Hold the files
9. If files are held, who should have access to them?
10. Does the employee have or use? (check all that apply)
desktop computer laptop cellular phone desktop phone
Notes and/or Additional Information
Requestor Signature: