Senior Project Release Form
All students are required to submit a copy of their Senior Project for permanent placement in
the College of the Atlantic Archives. They are a unique representation of student work here at
the College. In order to promote the free exchange of ideas, the senior projects will be
identified in library finding aids, and made available to individuals visiting the Archives for
nonprofit, educational purposes.
Title of Project: ________________________________________________________________
Graduating Student: ____________________________________________________________
Print Name
Copying Permission
Permission is herewith granted to College of the Atlantic to reproduce and distribute paper or
electronic copies of the above title, in whole or in part, upon the request of individuals or
institutions for nonprofit, educational purposes.
Graduating Student: ____________________________________________________________
Signature Date
Digital Public Access Permission
I authorize College of the Atlantic to make the above title publically available on a College
supported website.
Entire thesis (in part or in whole)
Graduating Student: ____________________________________________________________
Signature Date
Copyright Ownership Notice
Copyright of this material is held by the author. Use of this senior project beyond “fair use” by
those other than College of the Atlantic may not be made without the express written
permission of the author.