Self-Soothing Strategies
A way to remember these strategies is to think about soothing or comforting yourself through each of your FIVE SENSES
Go outside and look at nature. Look at some of your
favourite pictures. Watch videos or look at pictures
of animals, nature, or art. Watch dance or musical
Your Ideas:
Listen to your favourite music. Play an instrument (guitar,
piano). Go outside and pay attention to the sounds around
you (birds, rain, rustling of leaves). Hum or sing your
favourite songs. Listen to recordings of nature sounds
(waterfalls, raindrops, etc.).
Your Ideas:
Put on your favourite perfume, cologne, or body lotion. Light
a scented candle or smell essential oils (e.g. lavender). Make
a cup of hot chocolate or herbal tea and smell it. Go outside
and mindfully breathe in the smells of nature.
Your Ideas:
Eat some of your favorite foods. Have a soothing or delicious
drink (tea or hot chocolate). Treat yourself to a yummy
dessert, suck on a candy, or chew gum. Eat or drink slowly
and mindfully (really noticing and paying attention to what it
tastes like).
Your Ideas:
Sink into a really comfortable chair. Have a hot bath or
shower. Hug someone. Put on a favorite comfy sweatshirt
or PJs. Cuddle your pet. Lightly rub the backs of your hands
and arms. Ask someone to give you a neck or back massage.
Your Ideas:
*Strategies based on M. Linehan’s Distress Tolerance Skills.
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