As set forth in full in the Student Handbook/Course Catalog, Southern Crescent Technical College is an Equal Opportunity Institution and does not discriminate on the basis of
race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability.
Selective Service
Men who are. U.S. citizens, and male aliens living in the U.S., who are 18 through 25, are required to register with Selective
Service. A man 26 years of age or older, who is not registered with Selective Service, may request an agency review whether or
not his failure to register was knowing or willful. The burden of proof is on the individual to show by a preponderance of
evidence that his failure to register was neither knowing nor willful. A preponderance of evidence means a degree of relevant
evidence that a reasonable person, considering the record as a whole, would accept as sufficient to support a conclusion that
the matter asserted is more likely to be true than not true. Waivers granted are only valid for the agency granting the waiver.
I am exempt from registering (choose one):
1. ____I was born female (currently only males are required to register for selective service).
2. ____ I have not reached my 18
birthdate. My date of birth is________________.
3. ____I was born before 1960. My date of birth is ___________________.
4. ____Since completing the FAFSA, I have registered for selective service (provide copy of registration).
5. ____ I entered the U.S. after my 26
birthdate. (Submit copy Permanent Resident Alien card or other documentation that
verifies the date you entered the United States of America).
6. ____ I served in the military (attach a copy of your DD214.)
Waiver Request
Failure to register for selective service prior to your 26
birthday makes you ineligible to receive financial aid. You can appeal
if you believe you have extenuating circumstances as to why you did not register. First, you must obtain a “Request for Status
Information Letter” from the Selective Service Agency at . Secondly, you must explain in
writing why you did not register with Selective Service after you turned age 18 years old and before you turned 26 years old.
You will be required to submit the Request for Status Information Letter” and a written statement explaining why you did not
register as required. You should also provide any evidence that can support your statement.
I, ___________________________________, student ID # ______________________, certify that the information I have
provided is accurate as stated. I understand that falsifying information could disqualify me for financial aid assistance.
Signature: ____________________________________ Date: _________________________
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