Section A: Eligibility Requirements
OC offers the Christian Academy/School Discount for up to 8 semesters as long as the parent continues to work
full-time at a Christian academy or school. To be eligible for this discount, prospective students must meet the
following requirements:
mit this discount application
· En
roll in and complete a minimum of 12 hours per semester
· Be a
ge 24 or under
The parent (s) must be employed full-time at a K-12 Christian academy or school for a minimum of 12 months
Section B: Renewal Provision
OC will renew the Christian Academy/School Discount to students after their first year if they continue to meet the
following requirements:
tain a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA each semester
· En
roll in and complete a minimum of 12 hours per semester
· Sub
mit the Christian Academy/School Discount Application each year the discount is requested
· Be a
ge 24 or under
Section D: Student and Parent Information
Student’s Name ______________________________________ Student ID#___________________________
What School Year Is the Discount Requested For?__________________________________________________
Name/Location of Christian Academy/School ____________________________________________________
Has this student previously attended OC? Yes No
Is this a second degree? Yes No
Christian Academy/School employee name _______________________________________________________
Employee’s position _________________________________ Full-time? Yes No
Employee’s date of hire ______________________________
Signature of authorized Christian Academy/School representative __________________________________
Title of Representative ________________________________ Contact Number ________________________
Christian Academy/School
Tuition Discount Application
Please Return to: Oklahoma Christian University, Student Financial Services
Box 11000
Oklahoma City, Ok 73136
Phone (405) 425-5190 Fax (405) 425-5197
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