Secondary/Home-School Student
Dual Enrollment Admission Process
Revised 7-15-19
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The secondary or home-schooled student admission process at Elgin Community College exists to allow college
ready students early access to higher education. These students must follow special admission procedures to
enroll in college level classes at Elgin Community College. Decisions for student admission and enrollment are
made on a case-by-case basis. Students under 16 must also receive approval from the appropriate academic dean
and the Dean of Student Services and Development or designee. The admissions office will facilitate obtaining the
appropriate dean(s) approval once courses are identified. Decision will be made based on demonstration of
college readiness and maturity of student. Secondary and home-schooled students will be limited to registering
for a maximum of six credit hours per semester and will enroll during their New Student Orientation Session
(NSO). Students seeking Dual Enrollment need to plan ahead to ensure the enrollment process is completed
before the class starts.
This process does not apply to the following student groups as these admissions are handled separately:
Students who are enrolling in only dual credit courses organized by partnership agreements between
school districts and Elgin Community College,
Students enrolling in performing arts courses or ensembles, or grant funded programs such as Upward
Sixteen (16) and 17 year old students who are separated from their high school and who are eligible by
ICCB regulations to attend ECC full or part-time because they meet ability to benefit criteria.
Students interested in enrolling must complete the following steps:
Discuss your interest in attending ECC with your high school counselor and parent(s). You will need their
approval in order to take ECC courses because we want to be sure the courses meet your needs.
Apply to the College at
. Be sure to indicate you are still enrolled in high school and
include a personal email address.
Submit the following documents to the Admissions Office in one complete packet:
Completed Permission for Secondary Admission Enrollment form. This form can be accessed at
Official transcript of school work
Letter of reference from high school counselor or teacher
Official ACT/SAT/PARCC/AP/CLEP scores or ECC’s placement testing as needed. See the Meeting
Minimum Competency Requirements brochure for details. Students may be exempt from placement
testing if they have met the following minimum requirements. Visit for AP and CLEP
ACT Sub score
SAT prior to March
SAT beginning March
19 Reading
450 Reading
480 Reading & Writing
19 English
490 Verbal
480 Reading & Writing
22 Math
no longer valid
530 Math
ement testing: Visit
for Testing Center hours, locations, and other details
regarding AP and CLEP. Students will only take the mathematics placement test if they plan to enroll in
courses with a math prerequisite. Students whose placement test results indicate developmental
course placement (courses numbered under 100) will not be allowed to enroll in developmental
Secondary/Home-School Student
Dual Enrollment Admission Process
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courses at ECC. Students should continue to enroll in appropriate high school courses to strengthen
their reading, writing, and or math skills as appropriate.
Schedule a meeting with an Admissions Coordinator after submitting the documentation listed above.
To schedule an appointment, please contact Claudia Rivera at 847-214-7222. Please note, a parent or
guardian must be present at this meeting.
Upon acceptance and verification of prerequisites, the admissions office will assign the student a New
Student Orientation (NSO) date. Students will meet with an academic advisor and learn how to register
for classes at NSO. Payment statements are available online only. Payment information can be found at The student is responsible for registering him/herself and making payments by the
published payment deadline. Registration may take place during the open registration period for the
semester once all the above requirements have been met and the student attends NSO.
Please note:
Completing the Permission for Secondary or Home School Admission form does not guarantee admission.
Only the high school can determine whether or not to grant high school credit for ECC classes.
Once admitted, Secondary/Home-School students wishing to take classes in subsequent semesters must
submit a completed permission form, along with appropriate signatures, each semester to their academic
advisor. Prior to registering, students should schedule an appointment with an academic advisor to
review progress and course selection. Please bring your completed permission form to this meeting. A
student’s academic success will determine whether he/ she will be allowed to continue taking classes at
If you have questions regarding this process, contact Claudia Rivera at 847-214-7222.
Secondary/Home-School Student
Dual Enrollment Admission Process
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Last First MI
CITY: ________________________________________________________ STATE: ________
ZIP: __________________
ECC ID #: ____________________________ DATE OF BIRTH: __________________
PHONE NUMBER: ________________________________ EMAIL ____________________________________
SCHOOL NAME: __________________________________________________ GRADE LEVEL: _______
Anticipated start at ECC (check one and fill in year): ______ Fall ______ Spring ______ Summer
Year: _____________
I understand the responsibilities of taking a college-level course. I understand and accept that my enrollment as a
student at Elgin Community College does not require the college to exercise any special care that would not be
extended to any other college student. I understand and accept that I may be allowed the same privileges as
other ECC students, and will also be subject to the same fees and rules. I understand and accept that I am
entering an adult level learning environment where classroom discussions and required course materials may be
mature in content. I understand that my college grades will be a part of my permanent academic record.
Student Signature: ______________________________________________ Date: __________________________
Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement
I, _____________________________, as parent/legal guardian of the student named above, understand and
accept that his/her enrollment as a student at Elgin Community College does not require the college to exercise
any special care that would not be extended to any other college student. I understand and accept the
expectations outlined in the above Student statement.
Parent/Guardian Signature:_______________________________________Date: __________________________
Secondary/Home-School Student
Dual Enrollment Admission Process
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High School Counselor OR Home School Teacher Recommendation Attached statement indicating this student
is capable of college level work
Will student receive high school credit for this college course? ____ Yes ____ No
Is this student also enrolled in a Dual Credit Program? ____ Yes ____ No
Is this college course being used to replace a course which student failed in High School? ____ Yes ____ No
I recommend that this student enroll in the following course(s): ________________________________________
Total College Credit hours enrolled _____________________
High School Counselor/Home School Teacher Name (Print)___________________________________________
High School Counselor/Home School Teacher Phone: ___________________________________
High School Counselor/Home School Teacher Signature_______________________________ Date:____________
Student’s ECC ID: __________________________
Recommend Approval: Yes No
Admissions Coordinator/Academic Advisor signature: __________________________________Date: __________
ECC Assistant Dean School Partnerships (if also enrolled in dual credit):_____________________ Date:__________
ECC Academic Dean signature (if student is under 16): __________________________________ Date:_________
ECC Dean of Student Services and Development or designee signature (if student is under 16):
_______________________________________________________________ Date:_____________________
Orientation attended? Y or N Orientation date scheduled ______________