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Scientists and Engineers Division Membership Application
Membership options
Members receive a print subscription to Groundwater Monitoring & Remediation® and digital access to Groundwater®, Groundwater Monitoring & Remediation,
and Water Well Journal®.
Individual professional membership$140 $ ________
Government employee/academic faculty$115 $ ________
Corporate membership$375 $ ________
Corporate membership includes one primary employee member (named above) and two employees*. Each member receives
all benefits of membership, including publications. Additional employee members** may be added at an additional charge.
Please use a separate form for each additional employee membership.
**Please enter name and email address of the two additional corporate employees below:
Employee #1___________________________________Email address_________________________________________
Employee #2___________________________________Email address_________________________________________
**Additional corporate employee$ 95 $ ________
(must be employed by a member company)
Please use a separate form for each additional employee membership.
Payment information (All fees listed are USD.) (Add an additional $25 for bank transfers.)
Total membership fees $ ________
Membership may be paid by check, money order, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express (circle one).
Check/money order made payable to NGWA (enclosed) # _________________ Today’s date ________________________
Credit card # _________________________________________ Printed name _____________________________________
Expiration date ____________________________ CVC __________________________________________________
Signature ______________________________________________________________________________________________
Brokerage and customs charges may be applied. Dues may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense to the extent not allocated to lobbying
expenditure. NGWA estimates that the nondeductible portion of dues is 10%.
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Email address (office) ________________________________ Email address (home) _________________________________
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