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School Transfer Request
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Currently Attending (name of school): ____________________________________________________________________
Requesting Transfer To (name of school): _________________________________________________________________
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Transfer request approved.
Transfer request denied.
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Refer to District Policy JFBA for specic details.
Please refer to Page 2 for the complete School Transfer Process
revised: 4/25/19
For Oce Use Only
Completed School Transfer Request and letter must be submitted to the school being requested for enroll-
ment and the appropriate assistant superintendent.
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School Transfer
Refer to District Policy JFBA for specic details.
Circumstances under which a transfer may be allowed or required include, but are not limited to,
the following:
1. Specialcircumstancesorothergoodcauseaectingtheeducationand/orwelfareofthe
low or require the transfer.
2. When a parent or guardian has a home under construction or is in the process of purchasing a
home, the student may be allowed to transfer to the school serving the neighborhood in which
the new home is located.
3. When school attendance boundaries are changed, special provisions may be made by the
Board that shall take precedence over all other provisions of the policy.
The transfer process may not be used to accomplish choice/open enrollment when a School
Choice Application was not submitted in a timely manner, when choice/open enrollment proce-
dures were otherwise not properly followed, or when a School Choice Application was denied.
School Transfer Process
1. Parent/guardian meets with principal at current school to discuss the reason for the request.
2. Parent/guardian completes the School Transfer Request, along with a letter explaining the rea-
son for the transfer request, and submits them to the principal at the requested school.
3. The requested school will send/fax a copy of the transfer request and the letter to the appro-
priate assistant superintendent.
4. The requested principal may communicate with the parent/guardian and current principal to
discuss the transfer request.
5. The assistant superintendent and/or designee may communicate with the current and request-
ed principal to determine space availability as outlined by Choice/Open Enrollment Policy
JFBA and appropriateness/timeliness of placement.
6. Theassistantsuperintendentwillmakethenaldecisiontoapproveordenythetransferre-
7. Parent/guardianwillbenotiedoftheassistantsuperintendent’sdecisionwithin5-10business
8. If transfer request is approved, a letter will be sent to the parent/guardian from the assistant
9. The principal or designee from the requested school will contact the parent/guardian.
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