School Test Coordinator Assurance of Test Security
I have read and understand the 2021-22 Test Administration Manual and have received
Test Administration and Security training for the current school year.
I will make every attempt to ensure that all students participate in testing. In accordance with the Test
Administration Manual, I will use appropriate administration codes to ensure that students’ scores
reflect actual test administration procedures. I will not make copies of the test items or otherwise
retain them. I will immediately return or report any Oregon test items or test booklets from previous
years to my District Test Coordinator.
I will instruct staff on test administration procedures, and security according to the Test Administration
Manual, including but not limited to:
andling and administering the Oregon Statewide Assessments in a secure manner.
Consistently using the Oregon Accessibility Manual to understand allowable administration in
response to student requests or when the student’s IEP indicates an alteration in how a test
is being administered.
Preventing any review, discussion, or analysis of test items before, during, or after testing
with either students or adults.
Monitoring students during testing for inappropriate behavior such as use of instant
messaging, taking digital pictures of test items, or other possible methods of cheating.
Avoiding any review, evaluation, or other involvement with student responses.
Never scoring the tests or otherwise giving students any feedback as to how well they are
Accessing printed student test materials only on the day of testing when tests are being
administered to students or during processing.
Not reviewing test items, even if a student believes they are flawed.
I will notify the District Test Coordinator immediately (within 1 business day) upon learning of
a potential impropriety or irregularity, whether it is intentional or unintentional.
Name (print): _______________________________________________________
E-mail Address: _____________________________________________________
Training Received on (date): __________________________________________
Keep on file at the district office for one year
Disciplinary action by TSPC may result from violations of test security.
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