Martin County School Board
500 East Ocean Boulevard
Stuart, FL 34994
Revised 07/07/2009
School Impact Worksheet
The purpose of this school impact worksheet is to assist in planning for future public
school facility needs and concurrency requirements. It is to be completed for any
proposed residential project, and residential rezoning, amendments to FLUM with
residential components, and DRIs.
Date: _______________________________
Parcel ID#: _________________________________________________
Project Name: _________________________________________________
Former Project Name: _________________________________________________
Owner/Developer: _________________________________________________
Contact Name/Number: _________________________________________________
Total Project Acreage: _________________________________________________
Year 1 of the Build-Out: _______________________________
1. Please indicate the most likely build-out scenario. Show build-out by year and
number of units/year.
Unit Type
of Units
First 5-year Period
Second 5- year Period
Yr 1
Yr 2
Yr 3
Yr 4
Yr 5
Yr 6
Yr 7
Yr 8
Yr 9
Yr 10
Note: If build-out is expected to go beyond the 10 year period above, please attach an
additional table with build-out years until project completion.
2. Project number and type of residential dwelling units at build-out, as follows:
Unit Type
of Units
Unit Floor
Area (sq. ft.)
Price ($)
Per Unit
Number Restricted
to 55+ Age Group
Single-family detached
3. Please include a location map showing elementary, middle and high schools within a
two-mile radius of the proposed project. If no schools are within a two-mile radius of
the project, please indicate the nearest schools to the project.
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